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When it was first created in 1948, Israel wanted nothing to do with the Franco regime. As a result, Spain forged alliances with Arab countries in the region

  • 01 Dec 2023 17:19

    Local heroes

    If someone says they work in a tyre factory and they're a member of their local bar billiards club, I genuinely want to know more – I could talk for hours about that stuff

  • 01 Dec 2023 17:05

    Tourism up, water down

    Millions head to the Costa's beaches practically all year round. Ironically, it is the key to the Costa's success - its dry climate - that is in danger of ruining it, when 'dry' turns to 'drought'

  • 24 Nov 2023 16:30

    The Euro Zone

    Mark Nayler

    Forgiven but not forgotten

    Sánchez loses credibility as Catalan separists take advantage of his power struggle

  • 24 Nov 2023 16:29

    The Bottom Line

    Ignacio Lillo

    The Estepona solution

    Such proactiveness to the drought crisis is something that clashes with the local custom of demanding that others do things for us

  • 17 Nov 2023 14:56


    Ignacio Lillo

    Horrendous housing

    There are squatter settlements where the building work was not finished before the construction company went bankrupt, so the windows are made from cardboard and, when it rains and it is windy, you can imagine how it is for the inhabitants

  • 17 Nov 2023 14:54

    Time for intervention

    The bargain made with Carles Puigdemont is craven, cynical and destructive, not only of public trust in politicians, but also of Spain's Constitutional framework

  • 17 Nov 2023 14:52

    Cold comfort

    What we really need in order to complete the joyful Yuletide scenes, however, is for the appropriate weather to make an appearance in order to complement the decor

  • 10 Nov 2023 17:06


    Ignacio Lillo

    The queue for the bins

    The supermarket workers carefully put the bags in the bin out of respect because they know this food is the livelihood of many families

  • 10 Nov 2023 17:04

    The wrong impression

    These pointlessly violent demonstrations gave the rest of the world a wrong impression: that objection to Sánchez's amnesty deal with Catalan separatists is the exclusive preserve of right-wing nutters and frothing neo-fascists

  • 03 Nov 2023 17:52

    Take home pay

    Spanish people have an in-built reflex which obliges them to check if everything has been paid or not before they leave any bar or restaurant

  • 03 Nov 2023 17:49

    A fine balance

    At a summit of EU leaders in Brussels last week, Sánchez endorsed the bloc's renewed call for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine

  • 03 Nov 2023 17:48


    Juan Carlos Viloria

    Turbulent times

    The phrase has become the catch-all term in the reports on Leonor's investiture and the imminent one of Sánchez

  • 27 Oct 2023 14:32

    Ask me no questions

    The carefully choreographed spectacle didn't fool everyone: one incredulous viewer commented beneath the YouTube video of Tuesday's performance, "Do you think you're kidding us? That we're stupid? That we swallow anything?"

  • 27 Oct 2023 14:30

    Plumbing the depths

    This is why I never do home repairs - my efforts invariably make things a lot worse before they get better, if, in fact, they get better at all

  • 27 Oct 2023 14:29


    Ignacio Lillo

    Landlords are not NGOs

    After the new housing law there appears not be a single flat available for rent in Spain; and if there is one, the price is so shameful that it makes even the person who rents it out blush

  • 20 Oct 2023 16:07

    War of words

    The Israeli embassy in Madrid said that "certain elements within the Spanish government have chosen to align themselves with [...] Isis-style terrorism". Without naming Belarra and Garzón specifically, it said that their remarks were "absolutely immoral"

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