Instituto Cervantes chooses Malaga to outline its future

Antonio Javier López

Queen Letizia presided over the opening on Monday of the annual directors’ meeting of Spain’s flagship international cultural and educational organisation


What is a Green card and how does it work?

The Green Card or International Insurance Card is an internationally recognised document that proves the holder has the minimum compulsory insurance required by law

What is a Green card and how does it work?

the euro zone

The magic number

Mark Nayler

Mark Nayler

The IMF’s most recent tweak to its 2017 economic forecast for Spain prompts one to wonder who is following whom in the race to get to 3.2%

The steal industry

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the entire country was filled to the brim with armies of corrupt buffoons

brexit view

Going nuclear

mik woolley

The UK government believes Euratom membership is legally tied to EU membership and simultaneous withdrawal is unavoidable

Not in my back yard

alberto gómez

Hypocrisy pursues us like a second shadow when individual and common interests come into conflict