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Ana Huete was on holiday with her Italian boyfriend, who escaped; Malaga firefighters and their rescue dogs are already at work in the disaster zone
The prestigious daily newspaper has published its third article this year about Malaga, focusing on the city's wide range of museums
The town has lost 5,000 foreign residents in three years, most of them British. The crisis and taxation could be to blame
Local town hall has announced that archaeological restoration works on the Roman ruins in Los Álamos are almost complete
Work is under way on a tunnel to finally connect public utilities to the building that should have opened in 2012
Homeowners along local road from Álora to El Caminito del Rey walkway call for action to improve road safety
message from the consul
Here are a few key ways to keep yourself out of trouble this summer
Key parliamentary debate set for August 30th but poltical saga to see who will form the new government seems set to rumble on
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New agreement will supply liquid natural gas for power generation of the Rock and guarantee Gibraltar's electrical supply
Retail tourists prefer shopping centres and spend more than average, especially on clothes and accessories
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