The 'Who's Who' of gastronomy

Marbella Nieves Castro

SUR has produced a guide in Spanish and English listing the top chefs and places to eat in Malaga appraised by food critic Enrique Bellver

Enrique Bellver addresses the audience.
Enrique Bellver addresses the audience. Josele-Lanza

British investment strong despite Brexit

Finance SUR

Juan Ignacio Zafra speaking at the event.

The regional director of CaixaBank in western Andalucía, Juan Ignacio Zafra, stressed that property investment by British individuals and businesses was still ahead

Marcelo Romero's influence on the squad has been clear to see.
Marcelo Romero's influence on the squad has been clear to see. SUR


A victory, at long last

Daryl Finch

Malaga have shown a lot of improvement under Marcelo Romero and Monday's victory was their just deserts

Much more than football

Much more than football


AMDDA is the first Andalusian team of people with cerebral palsy to play in the National League


It's game on!

a look at la liga Rob Palmer

Fabián Orellana celebrates scoring Valencia’s second and winning goal against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid's slip-up at Valencia on Wednesday night has breathed new life into the title race


Something's got to give

a look at la liga Rob Palmer

Something's got to give

Luis Enrique's time as Barcelona head coach looks set to end after his side's thrashing in the Champions League this week, but the problem lies much deeper than that

Goodbye to eye strain

Working in front of a computer screen can cause eye strain.
Working in front of a computer screen can cause eye strain. SUR

Health SUR

By following just five simple steps you can avoid the sensation of heavy eyelids and eye strain

Another sad record


The weather is providing lots of headlines, but also anxiety


Setting an example

Mark Nayler

Mark Nayler

A spate of recently-announced investigations into senior bankers accused of financial misconduct might well boost Spain's standing for banks fleeing London

Food forethought

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

Three meals a day simply aren't necessary unless you find yourself working twelve-hour shifts in the fields humping hay bales or sacks of spuds onto farmyard trailers



White & McKay have launched two new single malt whiskies they will be selling in Spain via the González Byass sherry company

New products made with seaweed aim to improve nutrition


Cadiz university is making cherry tomatoes with a dressing of sherry vinegar and seaweed, mousse with three different types of seaweed, gnocchi with seaweed pesto and mini soya burgers with seaweed as a contribution towards a healthier diet