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Antonio Arroyo lends money at 29 per cent and ends up with the houses of dozens of families
The website went live on Tuesday and is the only way of making a reservation which is compulsory for the renovated walkway
Ralf Pirzl is among the candidates standing in the May elections
In total, the boats will extract about 70,000 cubic metres of sand which will be deposited on the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara
The province ended 2014 with record sales abroad of 1,626 million euros, a figure which could increase this year because of the drop of the value of the euro against the dollar
Seven positions have been advertised for the Rock's university ? although building work on the main campus at Europa Point has yet to begin
The fall in the value of the rouble has led to a drop in the Russian tourist market to Spain but the average spend is higher
Two new licences have been awarded which will increase the reach of fibre optic from the Avenida de Mijas as far as the zone of El Coto
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An event in Malaga to mark Andalucía Day honoured ten people with notable achievements in a variety of fields
The victim, aged 24 years, left one of the ski resort runs and fell while he was on a snowboarding trip with a group of five friends
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