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Three other Spanish destinations also achieve a 'Top 100' ranking based on price, range of attractions and reputation of local hoteliers
People came from all over the country to protest against a planned move to deregulate the industry and the pricing of taxi fares
Consumer associations fear the new system is a way of disguising price rises and are warning householders to check their bills carefully
The search continues for 'Tony', a man in his twenties who was sleeping rough in Malaga, after a friend reported that he was dragged away by the Guadalmedina river in the early hours of Wednesday morning
The province would need another hospital the size of the Clínico, around 500 more beds, to meet the Andalusian average
Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei challenges his country?s identity in his first ever exhibition in Spain
By John McCann, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks
Artur Mas' Junts pel Sí falls short both in terms of seats and percentage of ballots
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Mayors and councillors have now reached the end of their first three months in power - how are they doing?
Marbella's new left-wing council has not yet made the expected radical changes in the town hall which were both feared and hoped for
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