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Both new signings Charles and Cop score in first game of the LFP World Challenge
The radar cameras that monitor speed on two stretches of the A-45 caught more than 100,000 motorists and raised 3.5 million euros in fines last year, despite only being operative for six months
Works to prepare the seafront promenade in La Fontanilla for the arrival of the Vuelta a España have disrupted the season for local businesses
The 23-year-old died from injuries sustained as she smashed into the side of a bridge
Intelligence services believe that the three Spanish journalists missing in Syria were kidnapped by foreign fighters after crossing the border from Turkey
The Guardia Civil are investigating the death of a German man, 46, who collapsed on a terrace in La Cala on Wednesday night
The Andalusian government has initially approved modifications to the current planning law which will benefit rural property owners
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the reduction in personal income tax on 2nd July
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Spanish drivers Bernat Martínez and Dani Rivas die following fatal multiple-rider crash on Monday
The area’s historical watchtowers provide impressive views of the sea and surrounding mountains
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