The mayor of Torremolinos and councillors in the new pedestrianised area.

Torremolinos unveils a revolutionary new image

Tony Bryant

The new-look Plaza Costa del Sol focuses on the strong links Torremolinos has with water. One of the most striking elements is the unique pergola that creates a soft wave effect over the square

Rockin' Race Jamboree 2019

The outfits resembled those worn in the 50s migue fernández

Tony Bryant

More than 5,000 people visited the festival in Torremolinos, which presented rock and roll, swing, rockabilly and beat music

The euro zone

Nobody wins

Mark Nayler

Mark Nayler

This will be the third general election in five years, a period that has been marked by political uncertainty and the increasingly toxic issue of Catalonia

The world looks on

Rachel Haynes

Rachel Haynes

In recent years Spain has been scrutinised from abroad quite frequently and this week the ongoing Catalan independence issue has been thrown back into the international arena


Road accidents and animals


As motorists we cannot control wild animals wandering on the road but we can control our speed and awareness when driving through the countryside

Oscar winner

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

In almost every field I can think of from banks to mobile phone companies, from tradesmen to salespeople, the general level of incompetence is quite astonishing

The dragons from Game of Thrones starred in the commercial which premiered during the ad break.
The dragons from Game of Thrones starred in the commercial which premiered during the ad break. hbo / budweiser

Local firm triumphs at the Super Bowl


The Malaga-based company filmed the joint campaign, which was a Game of Thrones parody, for HBO and Budweiser at El Escorial, near Madrid

The road to the stars


Wealthy young people, some with famous surnames, are training to run hotels at Les Roches Marbella, a school where strict discipline and uniforms are part of teaching them about service

the bigger picture

Stocks for the long run


Owning a participation in publicly traded businesses is a marriage not a dating experience

Project fear


Sombreros off to a few enterprising wineries that have thoughtfully sent to the UK in January the equivalent quantity of wine they send in half a year