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A Marbella clinic has Andalucía's only medical team specialising in the feminisation of facial features
An Estepona court has found in favour of 11 investors who paid deposits for properties in Manilva which were not completed properly
This is the experience of three Muslims in Malaga in the days after the Paris attack
With elections on the horizon, Malaga's council has come under fire for cultural blunders
The Traffic Department reduced the speed levels at which its radar traps operate a few weeks ago with no prior warning; under the new system even minor offenders are being penalised
Carved tree stumps have brought a Malaga hillside to life
The beginning of this year saw the start of the Spanish government’s six month “amnesty” for residents to declare pensions from other countries
As the cold weather bites, British pensioners living across Spain are asking UK MPs to support a last-ditch attempt to prevent the loss of their Winter Fuel Payment
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Pablo Alfaro's side were better, but visiting goalkeeper Fuentes made save after save to ensure that his side stole an undeserved 0-1 victory
The new number nine salvaged a 1-1 draw away at struggling Athletic Bilbao on Sunday
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