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Malaga's María Torres becomes first-ever kumite Grand Winner from Spain
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Malaga's María Torres becomes first-ever kumite Grand Winner from Spain

Despite no medal in Casablanca this weekend, the local karateka could celebrate a ground-breaking achievement

Marina Rivas


Monday, 3 June 2024, 10:14


Local karateka María Torres has made history by becoming the first Spanish athlete to be crowned Grand Winner of the Premier League in the kumite discipline.

Despite a disappointing finish in the league's final event in Casablanca this weekend, Torres’ consistent performance throughout the season secured her this prestigious title.

This season, the Premier League held only four events, each gathering the world’s top competitors. Torres stood on the podium in the three previous events, earning a gold medal in Paris and silver medals in Antalya and Cairo.

In Casablanca, though, her journey ended abruptly after being disqualified against Scottish rival Niamh Junner. However, when her main competitor, European champion Johanna Kneer, was eliminated in the quarter-finals, Torres’ overall victory in the Premier League was confirmed.

The Grand Winner title marks not only a successful season but also positions Torres as the first Spanish kumite competitor to lead the world rankings, a feat never before achieved by a national athlete in this discipline.

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