David Azagra. SUR (file photo)
Work contract of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's brother investigated

Work contract of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's brother investigated

A right-wing group has accused David Azagra of living in Portugal to evade paying taxes and not going into work at Badajoz provincial authority

Melchor Sáinz-Pardo


Friday, 14 June 2024, 10:41

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An investigating court in Badajoz, western Spain, has started early inquiries into the brother of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. David Sánchez, known by his performing surname of Azagra, was reported by a right-wing association for up to five alleged offences.

The accusations against his brother come on top of an investigation into possible corruption covering the activities of Pedro Sánchez's wife.

The allegations against David Azagra are related to his employment in the music department of the Badajoz provincial authority, his alleged absenteeism from the post working from home, tolerated by his superiors, and his residence over the border in Portugal, just a few kilometres away, as a way of evading taxes, according to the lawsuit. The court has asked the provincial authority to provide details about his work contract and conditions.

The latest investigation of a family member of the prime minister has been labelled by government ministers as another unfounded attempt to smear Sánchez and his family by right-wing parties. The opposition PP party has said that the PM should resign as a result of the allegations.

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