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Tropical nights arrive on the Costa with temperatures not dipping below 24C degrees in early hours of the morning

Tropical nights arrive on the Costa with temperatures not dipping below 24C degrees in early hours of the morning

Meanwhile, the approach of a 'Dana' weather system may leave a sprinkling of rain in parts of Malaga province on Saturday morning, according to the latest weather forecast

Ignacio Lillo


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 12:06


This year their arrival has been delayed, to the general relief of the people in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol, but the tropical and even equatorial nights will not be long in coming. From Thursday onwards it will be more difficult to sleep at night because of the heat, and the air conditioning and fans will have to be called into action again.

A tropical night is one in which the minimum temperature does not drop below 20C, something that happens almost daily during the most intense part of summer in Malaga, in July and August. The next level is the 'equatorial' or 'torrid' night, when the mercury does not drop below 25 degrees. Fortunately, these are not so common, although they are occurring more and more frequently in the province. For the highest level, of which we have seen a few examples in previous summers, the expression 'infernal night' is beginning to be used, which is one in which the minimum does not fall below 30C.

Well, this week we are going to have clear examples of Level 1, and very close to Level 2. Spain's Aemet state weather agency expects a minimum nighttime temperature of 22C in Malaga city on Thursday, while on Friday it will be no less than 24 degrees.

Local Malaga weather expert and head of the SUR blog Tormentas y Rayos, José Luis Escudero, said the key lies in two phenomena. In the first part (Thursday and Friday), a mass of warm air, together with the cloudiness, "which acts as a cover and warms the ground". On Saturday, on the other hand, it will probably be the local 'terral' warm wind which will prevent the mercury from dropping at night.

Escudero warns that, although these will be the minimum values, they are likely to be even higher at times in the early morning, with 26C expected at bedtime in some areas; and worse inland, especially this Friday.

Possible storms?

The eyes of meteorologists (and, above all, farmers) are fixed this weekend on a possible one-off episode of storms, which could leave a very beneficial sprinkling of rain in parts of Malaga province.

Escudero is monitoring the situation and forecasts that it could rain on Saturday during the early hours of the morning and into the early hours of the afternoon - especially inland - but not ruled out in Malaga city. However, he reminded us that this will depend on where the 'Dana' weather system is positioned at Cape San Vicente, as showers are also possible in the Cadiz and Granada provinces of the Andalucía region.

On Thursday we will know with more certainty, but if it does happen, it could leave good accumulations of 10 to 20 mm in the Antequera area, according to the recent European weather model. In addition, a 'calima' (Sahara desert sand dust in suspension) is expected between Thursday and Saturday, although it will not be a very high concentration, so any rain will not be accompanied by mud.

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