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New tourist attraction at foot of Ronda gorge moves one step closer to completion

New tourist attraction at foot of Ronda gorge moves one step closer to completion

Malaga's provincial authority has promised to fund half of the 1.3-million-euro cost to build the 500-metre-long suspended walkway

Vanessa Melgar


Friday, 6 October 2023, 15:43


A new suspended walkway tourist attraction at the foot of Ronda's gorge in Malaga province is one step closer towards being built.

It comes after the provincial authority announced on Wednesday 4 October that it will pay half of the cost of the walkway, which will be built three-metres above the Guadalevín river.

It is expected to cost about 1.3 million euros and has been designed by the architect of the Caminito del Rey, Luis Machuca Santa-Cruz.

"The provincial council will provide, through a grant, half of the budget necessary for the execution of the project, which will be put out to tender by the town hall," president of the provincial council Francisco Salado said. "The footbridge will be an important boost to make the visit to the municipality even more interesting," he added.

The Desfiladero del Tajo path will start from the Campillo area. It will go down the restored Camino de La Albacara to the Casa de Manolillo, a building in the area, where an access control will be set up. It will then go down to the base of the 'New Bridge' and continue along the along the side of the gorge. It will pass under the 'New Bridge' and the 'Old Bridge' and finish at the hermitage of San Miguel.

The walkway will be 500 metres long and 1.20 metres wide. According to the town hall, the project is awaiting "a legal report" for definitive approval.

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