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Avid live music fan in Serranía de Ronda village to stage 'smallest rock concert ever' with sights set on world record

Avid live music fan in Serranía de Ronda village to stage 'smallest rock concert ever' with sights set on world record

Organised by Paul Darwent and local musician Marcus Myers, Ringo's Birthday Bash will present a seven-piece rock band who will perform to an audience of just seven

Friday, 21 June 2024, 08:41

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Former bar owner and avid live music fan Paul Darwent has come up with an unusual, if not zany, idea to host the smallest rock concert ever to be staged in the Malaga province. The idea of the gig in Jimera de Líbar, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Medicinas sans Frontieres medical humanitarian organisation, germinated while Paul and local musician Marcus Myers were enjoying a beer in the village earlier this year.

Paul is the former owner of Bar Allioli, an establishment which built its reputation on live music, beer and homemade burgers. The bar had been promoting local bands and musicians since 2008, and it became famed for hosting the Allioli Music Festival, an event that attracted many of the province's top musicians, both Spanish and expat.

Paul retired from the bar in 2022, and, with plenty of time on his hands, decided to convert the patio of his home into a terrace bar called Lokaal 43, but, as he points out, “although we have beer on tap and fresh air, I realised it needed music”.

Paul and Marcus next set about organising an event with the theme of the number seven, so they booked a seven-piece rock band called Biagra, who will play to an audience of seven people on 7 July - Ringo Starr’s 84th birthday.

“We decided on this date because it was a bit of a tradition at Bar Allioli. We used to celebrate Ringo Starr’s birthday every year,” he explained to SUR in English.

Paul, who claims his bar is “the world’s most compact rock concert venue”, was then faced with the conundrum of how to make money for the charity with such a limited audience. After giving serious thought to the matter, he decided to auction the tickets to the highest bidders. The auction will take place on Monday 24 June.

Ringo’s Birthday Bash, for which Paul has made an application to the Guinness Book of Records, will also be streamed live to the Allioli Bar, as well as on social media.

“All the world is a stage, especially my back garden,” Paul said.

The concert starts at 7pm. Details about the auction will appear on Paul Darwent's Facebook page.

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