Just some of Malaga's winning restaurants and their dishes in Soletes 2024 Guia Repsol
Repsol awards: restaurants, bars and cafés in Malaga province with 'affordable prices' have been hand-picked by Spain's top chefs
Soletes 2024

Repsol awards: restaurants, bars and cafés in Malaga province with 'affordable prices' have been hand-picked by Spain's top chefs

125 chefs from all over Spain have chosen their favourite restaurants to be awarded a solete (little sun) and 29 of them are in the province of Malaga

Enrique Miranda

Friday, 28 June 2024, 13:42

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Haute cuisine and prestigious chefs are usually linked to expensive, luxury restaurants that not everyone can afford or that are only visited on very special occasions. But what if some of Spain's best chefs were to choose their favourite places for breakfast, tapas or ice cream? Bars, simple lunch joints, "affordable" cafés and even a local neighbourhood tavern or two have won over the chefs of the Repsol Guide.

These are the Soletes Repsol 2024: 125 chefs from the Repsol Guide universe have recommended more than 750 places to satisfy every moment of the day to eat and drink at an affordable price: 550 new ones and 200 already recognised in previous editions. So, take note and find out first-hand whether chefs like Ángel León, Begoña Rodrigo, Diego Guerrero, Elena Arzak, Joan Roca or Pepe Solla are right. Among the chefs from Malaga province who have taken part in choosing their favourites are Benito Gómez, José Carlos García, Dani Carnero and Diego Gallegos.

In this year's edition, 29 restaurants in the province of Malaga are among the Repsol Soletes 2024. Most of them are in Malaga city (14), although some are to be found in Ronda, Vélez-Málaga, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Rincón de la Victoria, Alhaurín de la Torre and Marbella.

In Andalucía 110 businesses have been recognised: 15 of them were already recognised in previous editions of Soletes and another 95 are new arrivals. Mira, a classic ice-cream parlour in the city of Malaga and the Daza cafeteria are maintaining their Solete title this year. But there are new additions, such as Speakeasy The Pharmacy, a temple for lovers of cocktails in Malaga, Siete Cabezas in the old part of town and recommended by José Carlos García for its menu of the day, or Pizzamore, a pizzeria also in the city centre.

In the wider province we find Lechuguita in Ronda, a classic tapas bar, El Berebere, a well-known eatery with terrace in Torre del Mar (Vélez-Málaga), Lacaliza, good food and cocktails with views in Rincón de la Victoria and Cotxino in Marbella, with its tapas, tasty tortilla and craft beers - just a few examples.

This is the complete list of Soletes 2024 located in Malaga province (in italics are the four establishments that retain the title from last year's soletes):

Malaga city : Mira, Daza, Vertical Wine Bar, Speakeasy 'The Pharmacy', Siete Cabezas, Rocamar, Pizzamore, Nonna Helado Artesanal, Mia Coffee, Los Puntales, Los Cazadores, Gottan Grill Centro, Goat and finally Bocallena

Ronda : Lechuguita, Hotel Catalonia Ronda, E'Gelato and Alba

Vélez-Málaga : ElSaladero and El Berebere

Fuengirola: Speakeasy Jazz Club & Cocktails, La Casa del Bocadillo, La Abacería de David and Casa Colón

Benalmádena: The New Beach Club Higuerón

Rincón de la Victoria: Lacaliza

Alhaurín de la Torre: Karmela

Marbella: Cotxino

'Los Soletes donde comen los cocineros este verano 2024' were announced last Wednesday in Lorca (Murcia), together with representatives from the regional government of Murcia and Lorca town hall, on the cusp of the official start to the main holiday season. The list has some exceptional winners of multiple soletes, with 37 chefs now in receipt of three such distinctions in the Soles Repsol Guide, and also more chefs with 2 and 1 'sun' awards. Such are these 125 professionals at the helm of the best restaurants in the country.

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