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Malaga is the province with the second biggest drop in unemployment in Spain, mainly thanks to one booming sector

Malaga is the province with the second biggest drop in unemployment in Spain, mainly thanks to one booming sector

The high rate of job creation continued in May, with nearly 12,000 more contributors to the social security system than the previous month

Nuria Triguero


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 11:18


Malaga province has been creating jobs at a steady rate for four consecutive months, latest data shows.

In January, an average of 680,000 people were working, with this figure rising to 721,737 in May, which means Malaga province has added almost 42,000 social security contributors in the past four months.

Last month, specifically, the growth in enrolment was 11,763 people, which places Malaga province in fourth place in the national ranking behind the Balearic Islands, Madrid and Barcelona - Malaga has now reached a new all-time record of 721,737 people in work. This is almost 22,000 (3.1%) more than Malaga had a year ago.

Unemployment has not fallen to the same extent, but even so Malaga has stood out among other provinces for a decrease, with 4,198 fewer unemployed than in the previous month. Only Madrid recorded a greater drop, with 5,586 fewer unemployed. Barcelona is third with 3,936. Malaga starts June with 122,784 unemployed registered on the list of the Andalusian Employment Service, the lowest figure since 2008. The difference compared to a year ago is 7,304 fewer unemployed (-5.6%).

This decrease is mainly due to the performance of the services sector, which includes tourism. This sector is responsible for the reduction of 3,199 unemployed in May compared to April. The other sectors of the Malaga economy also contributed to the improvement in unemployment, although to a much lesser extent: there are 212 fewer unemployed in construction, 127 in industry and 96 in agriculture. The group of unemployed without previous employment (which includes people coming from a situation of inactivity) also decreased, with 564 fewer job seekers.

A total of 60.7% of jobseekers in Malaga are women and this majority has remained fairly constant over time, according to the data. Last month, the drop in unemployment was shared between 1,951 men and 2,247 women.

Two thirds of employment created in Andalucía

In Andalucía, unemployment fell in May in all provinces, so the difference with respect to April was 15,585 fewer unemployed. In addition, employment grew by 18,149 people in the region. Malaga was the province with the best performance in both indicators, but its contribution to job creation was particularly noteworthy, as it accounted for almost two thirds of the jobs created.

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