A scoop of turrón-flavoured ice cream in a cone from Casa Mira. SUR
As temperatures rise, here are eight unmissable ice cream flavours to sample in Malaga
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As temperatures rise, here are eight unmissable ice cream flavours to sample in Malaga

SUR reviews the most popular choices in the city's ice cream parlours

Emilio Morales

Friday, 10 May 2024, 12:50


Maybe or maybe not, but, noting the thermometers from last weekend, it looks as though the heat has arrived in the city, and the thought of eating an ice cream is becoming more and more appetising. There are those who prefer creamy, Italian-style ice creams, others with an old-fashioned flavour and a hint of cinnamon, or those who are fans of intense flavours and toppings.

All these options are covered in this article in which we review the most popular flavours in the city's big ice cream parlours, some of which are more established and others that are strong newcomers. In general, the price of the ice creams by size tends to be quite similar, so we will have to focus on what really matters: the flavour. These are just eight options, which ones do you like the most?

  1. Casa Mira - Turrón

Casa Mira's turrón.
Casa Mira's turrón. SUR

Casa Mira has several locations, all of them in the city centre: Calle Císter, Andrés Pérez, Compás de la Victoria and above all, Calle Larios. This is undoubtedly the most famous ice cream parlour in the city, with its artisan ice creams and "traditional" flavour. To learn of its origins and how they created the perfect blend of turrón (the traditional almond paste eaten at Christmas) and ice cream you have to go back to 1890, when Severino Mira opened a small turrón shop in Calle Cisneros. Now, in 2024, many of its flavours set the bar for the competition, but if you want to play it safe, go for that turrón!

  1. Heladería Inma - Kinder

Tub of Kinder-flavoured creaminess at the Inma ice-cream parlour.
Tub of Kinder-flavoured creaminess at the Inma ice-cream parlour. SUR

It is another classic, located in Las Delicias district, attracting locals and tourists alike. Heladería Inma, open since 1972, has established itself as one of the best in the city. For some years now its star flavour has undoubtedly been the Kinder tub. However, there are also other very good options such as their ice cream made with buffalo milk, which is similar to straciatella, but with a creamy touch and toppings that are really addictive.

  1. Frágola - Carapino/Apple

Ice cream at Frágola.
Ice cream at Frágola. SUR

For something truly unique, head to Frágola in Ciudad Jardín, whose ice creams stand out for their toppings and well-known flavours that pack a punch. There are two ice creams you should try depending on your preference for sweet or sour. The sweet-toothed person should order a tub of carapino (cream, pine nuts and caramel); if you like your ice cream more savoury, then you're in for a refreshing treat with their sour green apple flavour.

  1. Tutti Frutti - Cookie

Tutti Frutti ice cream.
Tutti Frutti ice cream. SUR

In Nueva Málaga there's an ice-cream parlour that brings the whole neighbourhood together. Without a doubt they have the best ice cream in the area. Their Kinder flavour is very good, but here's an alternative: vanilla cookie, for all those biscuit lovers out there. But take your time getting there as parking nearby is tricky, as it is with many of the city's ice-cream parlours.

  1. Belgian Chocolate by Ignacio Mira

Crispy ice cream cones by Ignacio Mira.
Crispy ice cream cones by Ignacio Mira. SUR

In the heart of El Mayorazgo, in El Limonar. I have to admit that this next one is my favourite ice cream in the whole city. Intense chocolate flavour with small chocolate chips for the serious chocolate lover. It is refreshing, has a very smooth texture and a very pleasant taste.

  1. Pumpkin and Lotus in D'Lorenzo

Lotus in D`Lorenzo.
Lotus in D`Lorenzo. SUR

This is the best option for all those who love a creamy ice cream more akin to the Italian style. The flavours recommended by those who have tried their ice creams are pumpkin, for its sheer originality, and Lotus, for its creaminess and intense biscuit flavour with hints of chocolate.

  1. Santa Gema - raspberry

Santa Gema raspberry.
Santa Gema raspberry. SUR

A more sour alternative is next at Echevarría in El Palo. This ice cream parlour, which has a very demanding clientele, has a very good raspberry flavour one, but don't miss sampling the stracciatella or the Kinder Happy Hippo (ice creams based on toppings, but with very good flavours).

  1. Lauri's cold milk

This is not an ice cream, but it is perhaps the most refreshing alternative of all on a hot day. Lauri's 'leche fría' iced milk, with a hint of cinnamon, takes you back to the summers of old, to those carefree days of childhood and you'll always want another one after finishing your drink. If you'd rather have an ice cream, then their vanilla and chocolate are good choices.

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