A flood of passengers at Victoria Kent station during the last fair. SUR
Malaga mayor asks head of Renfe for better train service during this year's 'feria'
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Malaga mayor asks head of Renfe for better train service during this year's 'feria'

In 2023, the lack of early morning services during the city's annual fair provoked strong criticism from passengers with overcrowding on station platforms and in the railway carriages

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 5 July 2024, 18:35

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Mayor of Malaga Francisco de la Torre has written to the president of Spain's state railway operator Renfe, Raül Blanco, to ask it to extend its local train services during the next annual 'feria' in the city, which will be held from 17 to 24 August.

SUR has had access to the letter which was written on 28 June in which the mayor calls for the improvement in the service which Renfe does apply during Holy Week. It also does so during major festivals in other cities, such as Valencia, Bilbao and Jerez.

The absence of early morning services last year's 'feria' provoked angry criticism from passengers, after overcrowding on platforms and in the trains, in particular at the San Andrés stop, as people tried to get on the last train, which departs at 11.36pm in the case of the C1 line. The situation was even worse on line C2 line, where the last opportunity to catch the return train was at 9.46pm.

Last year, hundreds of people crowded every night at the Victoria Kent station to try and get on the last train

"I am writing to you to ask you to reinforce the services provided by lines C1 and C2 in the metropolitan area during the month of August, and in particular during the week of the Malaga Fair", the mayor asked, pointing out that the opening will take place at midnight from Friday 16 to Saturday 17 August.

"The Malaga Feria has always attracted not only local and provincial visitors, but also thousands of Spanish and foreign tourists who spend these days in the area."

In his letter the mayor pointed out that the Cortijo de Torres fairground is "very close to the Victoria Kent station, which serves both the C1 and C2 lines".

Malaga city hall has asked the public operator "to reinforce services, both in terms of frequency and timetables, whenever possible, during these public holidays, for the benefit of local users and visitors".

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