New 10 and 50 euro coins in Spain to feature a famous face from Malaga

New 10 and 50 euro coins in Spain to feature a famous face from Malaga

The Spanish government has approved the issue of the limited edition coins to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso's death

Raquel Merino


Monday, 9 October 2023


Spain's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has agreed to issue, mint and put into circulation a collection of silver coins to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso's death. They will have a face value of 50 euros and 10 euros according to the details published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

In the case of the 50-euro coin, a maximum of 5,000 coins will be issued with two different designs. In one, the reverse will reproduce the work entitled Harlequin with Mirror, created by Pablo Ruiz Picasso in 1923, which is kept in the National Thyssen Museum, in Madrid. In the second design, the reverse will show the work Woman with Raised Arms, created by Pablo Picasso in 1936, which is on display at the Malaga Picasso Museum.

The obverse of both coins features a photographic portrait of Pablo Picasso in front of his work El Aficionado, produced in 1912, together with the artist's signature on the right-hand side of the coin.

As for the 10-euro coin, a maximum of 10,000 coins will be issued with six different designs. On the reverse of the coins, Picasso's works will be reproduced: Waiting (Margot) - 1901 - which is in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona; Weeping Woman's Head with Handkerchief (III) - 1937 - in the Queen Sofía National Museum Art Centre, in Madrid; and Jacqueline Seated - 1937 - also at the Sofía Museum, in Madrid; Woman in Blue - 1901 - at the Sofía Museum; Harlequin - 1917 - at the Picasso Museum, Barcelona; and Bullfight - 1934 - in the National Thyssen Museum.

For the obverse of these six coins, a detail of a portrait of Pablo Picasso has been chosen, in which he appears wearing a white jumper in his studio in Le Fournas, Vallauris, taken by the photographer Edward Quinn in 1953, together with the signature of the painter.

These coins will be collector's coins, that is they will only be legal tender in Spain though they are not intended for general circulation.

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