Florido and Gómez at the unveiling of the mural. SUR
Malaga makes its mark in South Korea with huge mural highlighting the city

Malaga makes its mark in South Korea with huge mural highlighting the city

The capital of the Costa del Sol is being promoted in Seoul with an art project that highlights all of the wonderful attractions Malaga has to offer

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 21:09

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Malaga has left its mark in the capital of South Korea with a 245-square-metre mural unveiled in one of the city's busy pedestrian walkways.

The 'Malaga loves Seoul' mural in the busy Seocho-gu district is part of the international campaign to promote the Costa del Sol destination. Malaga city councillor for tourism Jacobo Florido and Spanish ambassador to the Republic of Korea Guillermo Kirkpatrick de la Vega attended the event in which Turespaña, through the Spanish tourism office in Tokyo, and the city council of Seoul were involved. The Seocho-gu district is a high-end residential area in the southern part of the capital, where almost 400,000 people live.

In a recently built underground pedestrian passageway that connects the extensive Banpo Hangang Park with the Express Bus metro station, Malaga-born artist Eduardo Luque Lalone has left his mark with his art to promote the attractions of the city. Picasso, sites such as the Cathedral and the Roman Theatre, or anthropological and cultural aspects of both Malaga and South Korea make up the mural, which is complemented by a series of phrases placed on the thirteen columns, inviting passers-by to get to know the destination, highlighting the cultural, gastronomic and historical attractions of the city.

Malaga city hall pointed out the mural is 65 metres long and 2.6 metres high. In collaboration with the Spanish Tourism Office in Tokyo and the Spanish embassy in South Korea, the tourism department also carried out a presentation of the destination to agencies and press specialising in the premium tourism sector along with a meeting with the heads of the Seoul Tourism Organisation. It is part of a plan to highlight Malaga to a market which has a great interest in Andalucía - the region is the third most popular in Spain for tourists from South Korea.

According to data from the Hotel Occupancy Survey, up to April a total of 1,950 Korean hotel tourists made up 3,404 overnight stays in Malaga city. This is 13.11% more than the number of visitors registered in the first four months of 2023.

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