The city council started a campaign to monitor electric scooters at the end of May SUR
Police fine 82 electric scooter riders during clampdown in Malaga and these were the most common offences reported

Police fine 82 electric scooter riders during clampdown in Malaga and these were the most common offences reported

Officers in the city confiscated seven personal mobility vehicles for exceeding a 25km/h speed limit, with one being clocked travelling at 44km/h

Jesús Hinojosa


Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 13:50

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Local Police officers in Malaga fined 82 electric scooter riders in two weeks as part of a safety campaign launched by the city council at the end of May to crack down on the unsafe use of the personal mobility vehicles.

During the first two weeks of the campaign, from 27 May to 9 June, police officers fined 82 riders and confiscated seven scooters from the 2,728 personal mobility vehicles and bicycles observed and checked.

Most of the riders (some 40 of them) were reported for using headphones while riding a scooter. Officers also caught 21 riders exceeding the maximum speed limit, ten rode in cycle lanes marked out in pedestrian zones, nine in segregated cycle lanes marked out from the road and two in zones 20.

Regulations dictate there is a maximum speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour for scooters in segregated and delimited cycle lanes; 15km/h in delimited cycle lanes in pedestrian zones; 20km/h in Zones 20, residential streets and single platform roads; and 25km/h in all other roads. In these cases, the penalty for speeding is 200 euros, and the fine is handed to the rider, whether the scooter is private or rented.

Maximum detected speeds

Police confiscated seven scooters for exceeding a 25km/h speed limit. One was caught travelling at 44km/h on Avenida de la Aurora and another at 37km/h on Calle Armengual de la Mota.

Other offences detected by officers were 14 for carrying excess occupants, four for driving on pavements or pedestrian areas, two for using a mobile phone and one for failing to stop at a red traffic light.

Malaga city's new sustainable mobility ordinance, which is currently being processed, establishes new safety measures for the use of scooters, such as the obligation to use an approved or certified protective helmet, or to carry the roadworthiness certificate provided for in state regulations. The scooter and rider must have a minimum height of 1.5 metres, and if this is not met, the use of a safety flag attached to the scooter will be obligatory.

Other measures already in force include the user must be at least 16 years old and may not carry any passengers or animals or objects that hinder safe driving. All electric scooters must have braking systems, a bell, front and rear lights (switched on at any time of day), and reflective features.

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