The arrest of one of the thieves by a group of plainclothes officers who were passing through the area. Málaga Se Queja
Video: This is how an armed robbery at a tobacconist shop in Malaga unfolded

Video: This is how an armed robbery at a tobacconist shop in Malaga unfolded

With their identities obscured by crash helmets and sunglasses, two robbers entered the premises brandishing knives and forced the woman worker to hand over cash

Irene Quirante


Friday, 28 June 2024, 17:30

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Two thieves armed with knives and with their identities obscured by crash helmets and sunglasses staged an armed robbery in a tobacconist in Malaga's Ciudad Jardín district earlier this week. As SUR has learnt, there was only one assistant inside the shop during the raid.

The robbery happened on Monday 24 June, at around 12.30pm, in Plaza de Nazaret, in the Parque del Sur neighbourhood of Malaga. The two robbers dragged the worker to another room, where they thought there would be a safe with money. According to the sources, they grabbed the woman by the hair and by the neck to intimidate her while asking her where the money was, although the terrified woman kept repeating that there was nothing of value in there.

They then went to the cash registers at the counter and, with a knife pressed against her body, forced the employee to open them. The robbers' plan, however, ran into problems that they had not foreseen. They did not count on the fact that the owner of the shop was also there that morning, but she had gone out to run an errand before the robbery began. The owner of the shop returned after a few minutes and saw that her employee was not at the counter, and, in a state of panic, she called out to her companion. Apparently, upon noticing the owner's arrival, one of the assailants hid behind the door of the store, while the other forced the shop assistant to crouch down with him and keep silent with the knife pressed against her body. The owner, who suspected that something strange was going on, looked into the room and saw the two armed men.

Then, according to sources, the owner of the shop ran out into the street to ask for help, while allegedly being chased by one of the robbers with a knife in his hand. Meanwhile, the other individual was holding the employee inside the shop.


Luck was on the tobacconists' side. Once in the street, she shouted to warn that they were being robbed. At that moment, a squad of plainclothes officers was passing along the same street and the officers reacted immediately. They stopped their vehicle and ran into the shop shouting "Police!"

The two thieves made their escape, but the officers managed to apprehend one of them, a Spanish national aged 42 whom they caught up with just a few metres from the establishment he had robbed. The second person involved apparently fled on the motorbike they had left parked in front of the shop. According to sources, the motorcycle had been stolen.

National Police officers are now attempting to identify the other thief. Meanwhile, the workers at the tobacconist's are trying to get back to normal and recover from their ordeal. Apparently, they were able to recover some of the money, although not all of it, as the thief who fled on the motorbike was also carrying the money he stole from the cash register.

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