Calahonda beach in Nerja. ABC
Eight beaches on the Costa del Sol that are a heaven on earth, but how many have you visited?

Eight beaches on the Costa del Sol that are a heaven on earth, but how many have you visited?

A leading national newspaper in Spain has picked out a selection of some of the most charming and least crowded beaches in Malaga province



Monday, 3 June 2024, 23:56

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The Costa del Sol, with its 160 kilometres of coastline, is a jewel in the tourism crown of Spain. Offering a range of spectacular beaches, this part of the Andalucía region is the perfect destination for those seeking sun, sea and a vibrant atmosphere. Malaga province in particular stands out for its beaches that, in addition to being beautiful, benefit from an enviable climate with 300 days of sunshine a year. From the most hidden coves to wide sandy beaches with all the services, Malaga has a beach for every type of visitor. Here is a detailed guide to eight beaches in this province that are truly idyllic.

Calahonda Beach

Calahonda beach.
Calahonda beach. ABC

Nestling in the heart of Nerja town is Playa de Calahonda, a small but charming beach made famous by the Spanish TV series Verano Azul ('blue summer'). This beach is not only attractive for its natural beauty, but also for its historical atmosphere. The boats and fishermen's cottages that are still in use add a picturesque touch. Despite its small size, its proximity to the pedestrianised shopping area in the centre of Nerja makes it a very accessible and lively place. Here, you can go from a relaxing day at the beach to enjoying an early evening shop or a meal out in one of the many nearby restaurants.

Valle Niza Beach

Playa de Valle Niza.
Playa de Valle Niza. Junta de Andalucía

Situated between Benajarafe and Torre del Mar, Valle Niza beach (literally 'nice valley') is a quieter corner of the bustling Costa del Sol. With almost two and a half kilometres of darksand, this beach is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas. Surrounded by the Sierra de Almijara mountain range and with the imposing peak of La Maroma on the horizon, Valle Niza offers a spectacular natural setting. Although it is generally not busy, especially midweek, peak summer weekends can attract more visitors. The lack of facilities may be a disadvantage for some, but the tranquillity and beauty of the place more than compensate for it.

Maro cove

Maro beach, also known as Cala de Maro, is one of those places that look like something out of a picture postcard. Located in the district of Maro, this beach has been recognised as one of the best in Andalucía and Spain . Its crystal clear waters and protected natural environment make it an idyllic destination for lovers of diving andkayaking. Fishing is prohibited here, which has allowed the marine life to thrive impressively. The waterfalls and cliffs surrounding the cove provide a perfect setting for exploration and adventure.

Cañuelo beach

Cañuelo beach.
Cañuelo beach. ABC

Nestled in the natural park of the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs , Playa del Cañuelo is a true paradise for nature-lovers. This secluded spot, where the sea meets the mountains, has remained almost untouched over the years. Its crystal clear waters are a magnet for divers and snorkellers. To get to this beach, it is necessary to take a bus provided by the Junta de Andalucía during high season or just walk there, as access by private vehicle is not permitted. This minor inconvenience is compensated by the tranquillity and beauty ofthe site, which is rarely crowded except on the hottest days of summer.

Las Alberquillas beach

Las Alberquillas beach.
Las Alberquillas beach. Junta de Andalucía

Las Alberquillas is a half kilometre long beach also located in Maro. This place is famous for its transparent and clean waters, ideal for snorkelling and diving due to the abundance of marine life and rock formations. In addition, the beach is surrounded byunderwatercaves that can be explored if a more active day appeals. This beach is optionally nudist, offering a space for all tastes. Las Alberquillas is a perfect destination for those seeking a more intimate connection with nature in a quiet and unfrequented environment.

Artola dunes

Artola dunes.
Artola dunes. Ayto. Marbella

In the town of Marbella Artola dunes offer a unique experience. Declared a natural monument in 2001, these moving, fossilised dunes are a testament to what the Malaga coastline was like before the urban boom. With the historic Torre Ladrones (Thieves' Tower ) guarding the beach, this place stands out for its scenic beauty and family-friendly atmosphere. Although it has a nudist area, Artola Dunes are perfect for all types of visitors and offer the opportunity to practise various water sports. Its proximity to the port of Cabopino adds a touch of convenience and diversity of activities for those who need that.

Bil-Bil beach

Bil-Bil beach.
Bil-Bil beach.

Right in the centre of Benalmádena is Bil-Bil beach, famous for its fine sand and its iconic Moorish-style castle built in 1927. This castle, which now serves as an exhibition centre, gives the beach a unique cultural and architectural touch. Its location on the picturesque promenade makes it a perfect place to enjoy the exceptional views and a wide range of services. Bil-Bil is ideal for families and for those looking for a beach with plenty of activities on offer and an excellentinfrastructure.

El Cable beach

El Cable beach in Marbella
El Cable beach in Marbella Ayto. Marbella

For those looking for a quieter and less crowded beach, El Cable beach in Marbella is an ideal option. With shallow waters, it is perfect for the little ones . During the summer, this beach comes alive with activities such as beach volleyball tournaments and sandcastlecompetitions. It also has all the services necessary for a comfortable day out: showers, beach-cleaning, beach umbrellas, sun-loungers and sports equipment for hire. El Cable is a place that combines tranquillity andfun, making it a perfect destination for the whole family.

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