The body was found on a farm next to the road leading down to Maro beach. Eugenio Cabezas

Three men jailed for beating another man to death on a smallholding near Nerja

The attackers fled the scene leaving the 69-year-old foreign victim to die without receiving medical assistance

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 16:46


The Guardia Civil police force has arrested four men for their alleged involvement in the violent murder of another man, who was beaten to death at his smallholding in Maro, near Nerja on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol.

Three of the suspects have been provisionally remanded in custody after being brought before the courts. The body of the victim, of Czech origin and 69 years old, was found on 27 March 2023 with several traumas. A neighbour found the body and alerted authorities.

According to Guardia Civil, the alleged perpetrators of the murder allegedly went to the home of the victim, with whom they had a previous quarrel, and allegedly forced their way in and beat him, causing various injuries to his head, chest and abdomen. They then fled the scene, leaving the man dying and unable to receive medical assistance, according to investigators.

The allegedly fled in a caravan owned by the victim. Two of the perpetrators reportedly escaped to their respective countries, the Czech Republic and Poland, where they were located by national authorities following the issuing of search and arrest warrants from Spain.

Other two alleged suspects were located in the hamlet of Maro, where Guardia Civil officers arrested them. Police also investigated a fifth person, who has not been arrested. A search was also carried out at a home in the Czech Republic where officers found up to 250 marijuana plants.

Three of the four suspects have been sent to prison for their alleged involvement in the murder.

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