Kiti Mánver from Antequera and Álvaro Morte from Algeciras, this Tuesday during the filming in Torrox. E. Cabezas
The Professor from hugely popular TV series Money Heist on Costa del Sol to shoot latest Netflix project

The Professor from hugely popular TV series Money Heist on Costa del Sol to shoot latest Netflix project

Algeciras-born actor Álvaro Morte has been filming Dos Tumbas (Two Graves) in the Calaceite beach area of Torrox Costa

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, known for this role as the Professor in Money Heist, and Kiti Mánver, from Antequera, could be seen in the Calaceite beach area of Torrox, on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol, on Tuesday 11 June, during the second day of filming of the new Netflix series Dos Tumbas (Two Graves) by the Catalan director Kike Maíllo.

The production crew moved to Torrox having spent Monday in the nearby town of Frigiliana, where scenes were filmed of the search for two missing 16-year-old girls, who are the focus of the plot whose script is the work of author Carmen Mola (La Novia Gitana), and screenwriters Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero.

Leaning on a white-painted wooden railing on the edge of the cliff just a few metres from the 'little big castle', by the Danish artist Anton Jensen. Morte and Mánver, who plays the role of a courageous grandmother, repeated the scene on several occasions, under the orders of the film crew made up of more than twenty people. After several takes, both actors got into a minivan to leave the area SUR was able to confirm.

As traffic on the old N-340, which connects Nerja with Torrox, was not interrupted during the filming, a number of curious drivers stopped their vehicles at the Calaceite roundabout in the hope of catching a glimpse of the actors. Some hikers also stopped along the route which is popular with sports enthusiasts, especially in the afternoons.

Filming in a chiringuito

Filming also took place on Tuesday in the popular Restinga Beach bar on the border between Nerja and Torrox, which was renamed 'Restaurante Antonio' for the new series.

On Wednesday filming continued in the same areas between Nerja and Torrox, before it moved back to Frigiliana on Thursday, coinciding with the pilgrimage in honour of San Antonio de Padua.

Little is known of the plot of Dos Tumbas, other than two years after the disappearance of Verónica and Mandy, the case is closed for lack of clues and suspects. However, the grandmother of one of the girls, Isabel (Kiti Mánver), decides to carry out her own investigation into what happened that night with the search for the culprit turning into a story of revenge.

Produced by Sábado Películas (Toni Carrizosa and Kike Maíllo) for Netflix, the series has also been filmed on location in Barcelona. After Frigiliana, Nerja and Torrox, filming will be completed in Almeria.

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