Residential area with swimming pools in the Axarquía. E. Cabezas
Eastern stretch of Costa del Sol gets green light for filling swimming pools, but asks residents not to use drinking water for gardens
Drought crisis

Eastern stretch of Costa del Sol gets green light for filling swimming pools, but asks residents not to use drinking water for gardens

The aim is not to use more than nine cubic hectometres of water from the La Viñuela reservoir this summer

Chus Heredia /Eugenio Cabezas

Malaga / Nerja

Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 18:36

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The Junta de Andalucía has given the town halls in the Axarquía to the east of Malaga province the green light to fill swimming pools this summer, despite the ongoing drought. Following the rainfall over Easter, the area’s La Viñuela reservoir is at 31 cubic hectometres, practically triple the volume it stored at the beginning of the year.

However, the objective is to end the current water year on 30 September with 22 cubic hectometres in the reservoir, set by the Andalusian drought committee. Thanks to March’s rainfall, the Axarquía has stopped receiving 270 litres per second from Malaga city and is prioritising supply from the wells in the River Chíllar in Nerja.

For agricultural use, the Junta has also authorised a maximum of three cubic hectometres for the 6,300 hectares of the Guaro Plan until 30 September. The authorisation from the Junta came to the Mancomunidad de la Axarquía on 27 May. It is active from 1 June until 30 September.


Mayor of Vélez-Málaga Jesús Lupiáñez has signed a bylaw which includes restrictions on the use of water related to swimming pools, for drinking and showering in public places. However, the town hall has called on people not to use drinking water to water gardens. The full document can be found on the town hall website or social media.

As is already the case in Malaga city and the western stretch of the Costa del Sol, the partial refilling of public and private swimming pools in the Axarquía that have a water recirculation system is permitted, in the quantities necessary to replace evaporation losses, clean filters and guarantee the sanitary quality of the water. The first filling of public and private swimming pools of new construction is allowed, as well as filling pools that have been modified.

The complete or partial filling of temporary pools with a capacity of less than 500 litres in educational centres for use by children is also permitted and drinking fountains with automatic opening and closing valves will be put into operation.

Showers in sports facilities and swimming pools where the use of showers is compulsory before entering the water will also be activated. On beaches, as in the rest of the province, only those specifically for people with reduced mobility will be allowed.

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