Alfarnate is the highest village in Malaga province, at 886 metres above sea level. J. A.
Discover the highest village in Malaga province and sample its famous cherries this weekend

Discover the highest village in Malaga province and sample its famous cherries this weekend

Alfarnate in the Axarquía is holding a market on Saturday 15 June where typical cold soups, wine, honey and other local products will be on offer

Javier Almellones


Friday, 14 June 2024, 07:41

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The village of Alfarnate in the upper Axarquía is the highest in Malaga province at almost 900 metres above sea level. It is also well-known for its cherries and on Saturday 15 June it is holding a local produce market from 12pm on Plaza del Puente, where the little red summer fruit will take centre stage.

Cherries have been grown in Alfarnate for more than three decades. In fact, many point to 1992, the year of the Expo and the Olympic Games in Spain, as the official start of the cherry trees in Alfarnate. That was when the first ones were planted, although before that, according to the locals, there were already many residents who had planted different varieties in the patios of their houses.

Other typical products on offer at the market include 'dulces carreros', a type of sweet made in Alfarnate, which has a striking volcano shape and is made with ingredients including aniseed, cinnamon and cloves.

There will also be a selection of homemade liqueurs that have been produced for many years by a small company, De la Abuela. Among the selection of these alcoholic beverages will be the well-known 'resoli', a coffee and spice-based liqueur that is deeply rooted in the homes of this and other villages in Andalucía and La Mancha.

The village's extra virgin olive oil, which is produced in the Virgen de Monsalud cooperative, is another local product that will be available to buy. There will also be stalls selling sausages, honey, bread, wine and craft products.

There will be free tastings of cold soups including gazpacho and porra, although these dishes are better known in Alfarnate by the names 'zoque' and 'catana'. These two traditional summer dishes will be served at 2pm on Plaza Nuestra Señora del Pilar, just a few metres from the market.

Although the harvest is lower than in other seasons, cherries can still be bought. On the right, the Nuestra Señora de Monsalud chapel is one of the most emblematic places in the village. Ayto. Alfarnate / J. A.

After the market and free tastings, the day's entertainment will move to Plaza del Jardín, where there will be live music and the market coincides with the last day village's feria in honour of Saint Anthony, which began on Thursday.

What to visit

Santa Ana church. The village's main church; a majestic building that was originally built in the mid-16th century and renovated in the 18th century. Where: At the junction of Calle Puente and Calle Sacristía.

Virgen de Monsalud chapel. This shrine is one of the most important places for the residents of Alfarnate. It was because an image of the current patron saint appeared there. Where: In Calle Ermita.

Toy exhibition. Not far from Santa Ana church there is a small private museum where toys made between 1870 and 1970 are on display. Where: Calle Sierrezuela.

Santo Cristo hill. An enclave high above the village where there is a small altar with the image of the Christ of Medinaceli. Where: In Calle Cruz.

Old Venta de Alfarnate. Today it is a roadside restaurant, but a few centuries ago it was an almost obligatory stop for travellers. Where: At kilometre 513 on the road to Malaga.

Where to eat

Cristóbal. Open from Friday to Sunday. Traditional cuisine near Santa Ana church. Try the Iberian sirloin steak, the croquettes or the 'mojetes' (mushrooms and scrambled eggs). Where: Calle Sacristía, 4. 29194 Alfarnate. Telephone: 684 149 962.

Belén. Traditional tapas and meals including breakfast. Located between Plaza de la Cruz and Santa Ana church. At weekends they may even have churros. Where: Calle Codo, 5, 29194 Alfarnate. Telephone: 635 217 278.

Where to stay

La Paharilla. Located between the village centre and Santo Cristo hill. This four-bedroomed rural house is ideal for those who want to switch-off and rest. It has a barbecue and large outdoor area as well as beautiful panoramic views of the village and its surroundings. Where: Callejón Fortuna 7, 29194 Alfarnate. Telephone: 667 993 863. Website:

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