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Brillante, one of the last 'super bullocks' from Galicia, is destined for two of the best steakhouses on the Costa del Sol
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Brillante, one of the last 'super bullocks' from Galicia, is destined for two of the best steakhouses on the Costa del Sol

Weighing in at almost 2,300 kilos, the meat from the beast will exclusively be sold in restaurants in Mijas and Nerja after it was acquired by a Malaga butcher

Juan Soto


Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 17:36

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Brillante, one of Galicia's last super bullocks, is on its way to Malaga. The Galician animal, weighing almost 2,300 kilos and bred in Xove in Lugo, was purchased by a Vélez-Málaga butcher with the ox destined to end up on the plates in two of the most famous steakhouses in the province.

The Rigar company had been after the animal for six months, when they made the first offer to its breeder, Pepe do Chacino, one of the most famous and veteran breeders in the region of northern Spain. "It is one of the most famous and exceptional oxen in Galicia and has been the subject of numerous offers due to its impressive size and quality," said the buyer.

Of the Rubia Gallega (Galician blond) breed, Brillante was eight years old, stood 3.15 metres long and 2.05 metres high, and had many female admirers due to his size and coat. So much so that when Pepe decided to put him up for sale he made headlines in Galician media outlets. "He is known for his majestic bearing and large size and has received a diet based on traditional cereals such as corn, barley and wheat, in meadows in the Mariña Lucense near the Cantabrian Sea," the company added.

The 'chuletones' (steaks) of this blond Galician beef breed can be tasted after the summer at the Asador Otola and at the Paco el Churretero restaurant

Brillante has the Galician quality certificate, which gives it an additional guarantee. The animal, which has already been slaughtered, will arrive at the Malaga butcher within 15 days and will then undergo a maturation process that will last 100 days. The meat from the loins, which will weigh around 100 kilos each, will not reach the restaurants until the end of the summer.

Pablo Rico, one of the owners of Cárnicas Rigar, assured this type of purchase, both of oxen and unique cows, are made to order and that the meat was already sold before the animal was even slaughtered. In this case, the steaks from this huge bullock can be tasted in the Asador Otola (Mijas) and in the Paco el Churretero restaurant (Nerja).

Pablo said the purchase process was not easy, having to compete against other large meat companies from all over the country, mainly from Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country, for the animal during the past few months.

New bed every day and massages

In the case of Brillante, Pepe, who is now 75 years old, changed his bedding every day, played music for him and even massaged him so that he was always in optimum condition. The possibility of acquiring the animal - the buyer added - came about through a dealer with whom they collaborate. "In a negotiation of this kind, not everything is about money," he said.

Brillante meat "will be distinguished by its intense flavour, tender texture and superior marbling, characteristics that make it ideal for the most demanding restaurants. This acquisition will allow chefs and gastronomic establishments in and around Malaga to offer exclusive, high-end dishes," they added.

This is not the first specimen of this type acquired by the Rigar company. In February this year, a similar bull was acquired at the Silleda livestock fair, held in Pontevedra. The animal cost 12,000 euros and was the sixth most expensive animal in the history of the Central Agropecuaria de Galicia Abanca. Brillante, on the other hand, cost more than twice as much.

Cárnicas Rigar is a family business founded in 1985, with more than 35 years of experience in the sector, and one of the most important meat distributors in Malaga province.

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