DGT steps up controls in Andalucía in effort to drive down sharp rise in road traffic accidents
Road safety

DGT steps up controls in Andalucía in effort to drive down sharp rise in road traffic accidents

In the first four months of the year, 66 fatal accidents were recorded which resulted in 76 deaths

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Monday, 3 June 2024, 16:21

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Traffic authorities in Spain will increase controls on Andalusian roads from this June in a bid to prevent drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs causing accidents.

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) wants to drive down the number of road accidents, which in the first four months of the year have reached a total of 66 fatal incidents, with 76 deaths. "We cannot remain complacent in the face of this figure and immediate measures must be taken to guarantee road safety for all road users, especially as we enter the summer season, when there is a considerable increase in the number of journeys," said the Spanish government delegate in Andalucía Pedro Fernández.

During the meeting he held with the DGT coordinator in Andalucía Ana Luz Jiménez, and head of the Guardia Civil's traffic division Rafael Ordoñez Calero, Fernández focused on the increase in the number of fatalities compared to the same period last year, when 44 fatal accidents were recorded in which 48 people died. The number of accidents with victims has reached 1,611 accidents, in which 2,714 people have been injured, 5.5% more than in 2023.

Not wearing seatbelts

"Although the number of journeys has also increased in these four months compared to those recorded in 2023, specifically by 2.63%, it is striking that today more than 60% of those killed in traffic accidents do not use seat belts despite the fact that the use of this can reduce the risk of death in the event of an accident by up to 50%," he said. Fernández also pointed out the greatest increase in accidents has occurred on motorways and dual carriageways, where the number of fatalities has risen from 13 to 33, mainly as a result of collisions and head-on incidents.

For the period between January and April, deaths on motorbikes and passenger cars have increased by more than 50%, in addition to the nine pedestrian accidents in the four months, according to the DGT.

"Inappropriate speed"

Fernández pointed out that "inappropriate speed is the third most common factor in traffic accidents", and mentioned the results of the last campaign carried out by the DGT in the region, where more than 8,200 drivers were reported for speeding.

With the aim of reducing the accident rate on Andalusian roads, a series of measures will be adopted which will begin to be applied this month with an increase in controls on the roads. "There will be a special reinforcement in the safety of motorcyclists, who will be the target of surveillance campaigns, especially at weekends until October, as at this time of year the number of motorcyclists increases due to the good weather," Fernández said.

Alcohol and drug testing

Surveillance of vehicles will also be ramped up, especially on working days, as well as alcohol and drug testing of drivers. "The aim is to raise awareness among all Andalusian road users that drink-driving accounts for between 30% and 50% of fatal accidents, so there are many deaths that can be avoided if we are all responsible," he said.

Another of the actions that will be implemented to reduce road accidents is to request the reinforcement of collaboration with local authorities, as well as to identify sections where the safety of users can be improved through infrastructure measures.

Traffic authorities plan to install 23 new speed cameras on Andalusian roads as part of the latest campaign.

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