Experts warn of first heat wave of summer with thermometers reaching up to 43C in the south of Spain

Experts warn of first heat wave of summer with thermometers reaching up to 43C in the south of Spain

"In some cities in Andalucía we will probably have more than seven consecutive days of maximum temperatures above 40 degrees" weather forecasters predict, also accompanied by tropical or torrid nights

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 10:30

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After the passage of a 'Dana' (depression in the high levels of the atmosphere) weather system - which has kept many Spanish provinces in check recently - the weather will take a turn at the end of the week to officially welcome in summer.

As a result, the experts at Meteored have warned, from Friday onwards, anticyclonic weather will prevail. "It will be a sunny day in most of Spain, with a general rise in temperatures. In the centre and south of the mainland - especially in the interior of the Andalucía region - the maximum temperatures will rise by up to 5 and 6C", pointed out José Miguel Viñas, meteorologist for the specialist portal and consultant for the World Meteorological Organisation.

This turn of events will be just an appetiser of what - as Viñas warns - will come next week. "We will have a very prominent episode that could culminate in the first heat wave of this year. Temperatures will remain very high between Monday and Wednesday and an upturn is expected during the second half of the week, with extreme heat spreading to many areas of the country with maximum temperatures between 35 and 40CC, with this value being exceeded in the south of the mainland," he pointed out.

According to this expert's forecast, the rise in temperatures - both day and night - will be gradual, all in an environment of atmospheric stability, in which a sunny atmosphere will dominate. "The weather will be typically summery, with very high temperatures. In Madrid it is likely to reach 40C, with temperatures remaining in this range during the last weekend of June," he added.

The scenario will be even harsher in Andalucía. According to Viñas, cities such as Cordoba and Seville could accumulate more than seven consecutive days with maximum temperatures above 40C, "reaching 42-43 degrees", he revealed. The intense heat will also manifest itself at night, with minimum temperatures that in many places will not fall below 20 or even 25C (tropical and torrid nights).

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