Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan on location at the Balneario de la Palma in Cadiz
A filming location you can visit: here are the places in Cadiz where they shot scenes for James Bond

A filming location you can visit: here are the places in Cadiz where they shot scenes for James Bond

Die Another Day featuring 007 takes in some of the most iconic places in the city that was chosen for its resemblance to Havana in Cuba

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Friday, 14 June 2024, 14:42

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The fact that Cadiz city has repeatedly become a film location is something that has been promoted and effectively exploited, especially in recent years, although the affection film crews have for this city goes back a long way.

Undoubtedly one of the films that stands out in the cinematographic history of Cadiz is Die Another Day, from the legendary James Bond series of films and novels. The film was shot in Cadiz city which was meant to be Havana. The filming left indelible images such as that of Halle Berry taking a dip in the sea on La Caleta beach with a pose that pays homage to Ursula Andress in Dr No, or the image of Pierce Brosnan as 007 staying at the Balneario de la Palma. It couldn't be more Cadiz.

Speaking of this famous beach scene with Halle Berry, it should be remembered that the wind wanted to play a leading role, making it difficult to take some shots and causing the actress to wrap herself in a bathrobe and towels to avoid catching cold. Also, some fragments of a smoke grenade got into her eyes and she had to undergo an emergency operation to have them removed.

The 20th James Bond film thrust the locations in Cadiz into the spotlight when it premiered in November 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall in London with Queen Elizabeth II in attendance. Cadiz as Havana welcomed the protagonists of this film with some of the most iconic places in the city transformed into a film set.

This is where the adventures of this particular James Bond in Cadiz take place. La Caleta becomes the typical beach paradise scene and the Balneario de la Palma spa resort is converted into the Gran Palacio hotel in Havana where 007 stays. Next comes the castle (Castillo de San Sebastián) as an outstanding location. It turns into the Álvarez clinic, where the different types of genetic experiments are carried out on the bad guy in the film.

Cadiz, often called 'Tacita de Plata' ('little cup of silver', for how it is bathed in the silvery light reflecting off the sea that surrounds the city), has shown itself to be a star of the silver screen too.

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