Alfarnate, one month with fibre connection

Juan Jesús Arrebola of Bar Belén was the first to get the service.
Juan Jesús Arrebola of Bar Belén was the first to get the service. / A. P.
  • The first residents to have been connected in this small village in the Axarquía say it is "a major step forward"

"Fibre optic has marked a turning point for my business. With the ADSL it used to take ages to do anything," said Juan Jesús Arrebola, who owns Bar Belén in Alfarnate, where fibre optic was installed about a month ago. "I sell lottery tickets in my bar and before fibre optic there were days at a time when I couldn't sell any tickets because the service was so bad," he said.

The clients of his bar are happy with new broadband, too. "They can sit outside on the terrace in the fresh air and connect to the internet without having to use their mobile data," he explained.

Alfarnate is a village in inland Axarquía with a population of around 700. Many people do not have internet in their homes, "although during lockdown a lot of them decided they wanted it, especially if they had children, because they needed it for online schooling", said the mayor, Juan Jesús Gallardo.

He has already begun the process to connect the town hall with fibre broadband, after experiencing problems during the lockdown when staff were unable to work from home some days because of connection problems.

The new broadband has also helped the local Guadalinfo centre, which works to facilitate equality of opportunities in computer access and to promote talent in this and other villages.

"It was chaos before, especially when all our computers were being used at once. Not only was the system very slow, but the connection used to keep cutting off," said the centre's manager.