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    Asturias permits wolf culling

    Asturias permits wolf culling


    Admired by some, hated by others, the wolf is an animal that has been shrouded in mystery and myth throughout history. Although often seen as a rare animal, the Asturian authorities took the decision on Friday to try and reduce their numbers by legal

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    The 'human snake' in search of a cure in Malaga

    The 'human snake' in search of a cure in Malaga


    For 16 years, young Shalini Yadav has shed her skin every 45 days. A type of genetic curse prevents her from living a regular life in Chhatarpur, a town in the north of Madhya Pradesh in India. In her home town, where she is known as "the human snake

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    Spain's murder rate is second lowest in the EU, data shows

    Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has revealed that the number of murders in Spain dropped below the "psychological barrier" of 300 per annum last year, the lowest since records began. In total, 292 people died this way in 2016, just over three

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    Can a smartphone be ethical?

    Can a smartphone be ethical?


    EmpoderaLive, the social innovation and empowerment conference which took place in Malaga this week, witnessed the potential sustainable future of smartphones. Fairphone, a creation by Dutch innovator Bas van Abel, is an attempt to challenge the way