Works from Daniela Miazzo and Quan Zhou are also on display. SUR
Symbols of art and culture on display in the Rara gallery in Villanueva del Rosario

Symbols of art and culture on display in the Rara gallery in Villanueva del Rosario

Vanessa Morata, Isabel Rosado and Cyro García join forces in an exhibition with works and icons that are part of the collective memory

Andrea Jiménez

Thursday, 5 January 2023, 12:04


The group exhibition brings together the ideas of Vanessa Morata, Isabel Rosado and Cyro García on questions that have to do with the art market and the economy. It includes recognisable works from pop culture interwoven with the ideas of the protagonists as social icons and reflections of the history of art. The exhibition ‘Celebrity Culture’ explores art and culture as what characterises a society.

Vanesa Morata uses well-known elements of consumer culture with many symbolic and iconographic elements as well as recognisable characters from the history of art, in the form of a collage. Her creations are interspersed with interior design elements, very recognisable furniture with well-known figures from pop culture, such as Pokémon.

The walls of Rara also host Isabel Rosado’s images, cardboard models that develop iconographic works from the history of art. The artist reinterprets classic paintings, including those of important artists such as Van Gogh. She offers simulated recreations of different environments to reflect on the work itself and the elements that characterise it.

The third artist in the exhibition is one of the creators and managers of Rara, Cyro García. In the hall, a large ceramic sculpture crowns the exhibition: it is a world map that gives a different touch to the usual interpretation. It is a representation of the contemporary world art market. García uses gold, copper and silver tones to reflect the investment in art in each country and its volume of sales, mixed with the “speculation” in this field.

His second creation is a series of paintings, based on the most quoted, auctioned and famous works in the history of art.

Rather than reflecting on their form or outline, the artist focuses on colour, on the elements that represent the most emotional part of them.

The exhibition, which can be visited until mid-January, closes the third year of Rara together with the creations of its two residents: Daniela Miazzo and Quan Zhou. Both have enjoyed several weeks at the house to focus on their respective projects. Miazzo’s work has several very characteristic themes. “I have an obsession with women and eyes,” she explains. She works with watercolours, spray, oil and latex. “They are very different from each other, but I have achieved a harmonious end result.”

Zhou, known as ‘Gazpacho Agridulce’, has taken advantage of her residency in Rara to shape her fifth graphic novel, ‘La agridulce vita’, referring to the nomadic life she has led in her recent travels around the world and which will be published next year.




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