Herman Rijiks will perform his participatory concert on Sunday. SUR
Dutch musician invites Malaga audience to become the choir for new video

Dutch musician invites Malaga audience to become the choir for new video

Multi-instrumentalist Herman Rijiks is renowned for his virtuoso concerts that go beyond typical contemporary music

Tony Bryant


Friday, 21 June 2024, 11:01

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Eddy's Music Factory in Churriana (Calle Pascal 2) will host a concert with a difference on Sunday 23 June, because the audience will be part of the performance. The initiative is organised by Dutch multi-instrumentalist and composer Herman Rijiks, or Hermane as he is artistically known, who will invite the audience to become the choir and sing short sections during the piano recital.

The fun concert will be recorded, and the Costa del Sol-based musician will later overlap the voices in polyphonic harmonies to create a video, which will be available online 48 hours after the performance.

"Your level doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is your enthusiasm and your willingness to use that magnificent instrument with which you were born," the musician said.

Hermane is a meticulous composer who seeks to go beyond the typical "four repeated chords" that are so common in contemporary music. His goal is to create virtuoso pieces that moves the listener.

His musical background is broad: he spent 30 years living in Latin America, the USA, Eastern Europe and several African countries, soaking up the traditional music of each country.

The concert, which starts at 7pm, has limited capacity, so registration is advised.

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