Last year’s Bloomsday event at Los Baños del Carmen in Malaga. SUR
Celebrating 120 years since Bloomsday in Malaga city

Celebrating 120 years since Bloomsday in Malaga city

Fans of James Joyce’s Ulysses will be gathering at Los Baños del Carmen this Sunday to hear readings from the novel whose events took place on 16 June 1904

Jennie Rhodes


Friday, 14 June 2024, 09:54

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Bloomsday is taking place at Malaga’s Baños del Carmen on Sunday 16 June when participants will be among thousands of other fans around the world coming together to pay tribute to the epic novel Ulysses by the celebrated Irish novelist James Joyce.

This year fans will be marking the 120th anniversary of the day in 1904 when the action of the novel takes place in Dublin.

The Malaga event is now in its fifth year and is the brainchild of Malaga resident Raphael Smyth, who is originally from Ireland, and author Carlos Pérez Torres.

This year’s Bloomsday starts at 11.30am and participants will be reading from nine of the 18 chapters in the book starting with episode one, Telemachus, to episode eighteen Penelope, or as it is better known in Spain as La Noche de Molly Bloom.

The connection with Spain is highlighted in various sections which will be performed by university students. There will also be music throughout the event. For reservations contact Raphael on WhatsApp: 667 449 387.

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