Spain players celebrate one of their goals against Georgia on Sunday. Agency
Spain and Germany: one of the two best teams has to go

Spain and Germany: one of the two best teams has to go

The luck of the draw has it that Spain face hosts Germany in this Friday's Euro 2024 quarter-final in Stuttgart



Friday, 5 July 2024, 10:48

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After a perfect score with four wins so far in their four Euro 24 matches, Spain face their toughest match yet this Friday. La Roja meet hosts Germany, the two best teams of the competition coming head-to-head.

The match will not be an easy one for Spain. For their fifth consecutive game, Spanish fans will be a minority in the stands. They were outnumbered in the matches against Croatia, Italy, Albania and Georgia, but the difference will be even greater in this quarter-final. In a stadium that seats 60,500, it is expected that Spanish fans will number 10,000.

Kick-off is at 6pm while today's second quarter-final, between Portugal and France, is at 9pm.

The other two quarter-finals (England-Switzerland and Netherlands-Turkey) kick off at 6 and 9pm respectively on Saturday.

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