José Bernal, Lisandro Vieytes and Fernando Sanz at the presentation. SUR
Around 30 ex-football pros to take to the padel court in Marbella this summer

Around 30 ex-football pros to take to the padel court in Marbella this summer

The World Padel Soccer event will attract the likes of Fernando Sanz, Fernando Llorente and Rubén de la Red to Los Granados Padel Club

Marina Rivas


Monday, 29 January 2024, 17:28


The third edition of a unique and captivating tournament, which invites former footballers to trade the grass for the 20x10 court, will return to the exclusive Los Granados Padel Club in Marbella from 3 to 5 June.

The World Padel Soccer event will feature up to 30 former players carefully selected from over 150 applications received.

During the tournament's presentation last week, former Real Madrid and Malaga defender Fernando Sanz, who is an ambassador for World Padel Soccer, praised the calibre of the players participating in this upcoming edition, many of whom are already in training for the upcoming tournament.

Sanz revealed some notable names, including himself, Fernando Llorente (formerly Athletic Bilbao, Juventus, Sevilla, Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur and Napoli), Rubén de la Red (ex-Real Madrid), and Alfonso Pérez (ex-Real Madrid, Barcelona and Real Betis).

At the presentation, also attended by professional padel player José Bernal, who is from Marbella, local Sports councillor Lisandro Vieytes highlighted the significant economic impact the event will have on the town, estimating it to surpass one million euros.

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