Several people wait their turn outside an employment office. / R.C.

Unprecedented monthly drop in those out of work with almost 75,000 fewer unemployed

A record number of 19.7 million people are signed up to make Social Security contributions in Spain


The job market continues its recovery in Spain a year and a half after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic caused the greatest destruction to employment in history.

In November, some 61,768 new contributors were signed up to the Social Security system, while unemployment registered an unprecedented drop for the month of November, with nearly 75,000 fewer people registered in the State Employment (SEPE) offices, according to data published this Thursday, 2 December, by the ministries of Social Security and Employment.

A record 9,752,358 people make Social Security contributions, half a million more than in February 2020, before Covid-19 broke. It should be noted, however, that this figure also includes 125,632 workers who are still in the ERTE furlough scheme.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the number of contributors to Social Security increased in November by 109,451 workers (+ 0.5%), its highest ever increase in the month, which places the total number of employed persons at 19,771,613 people.

Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people registered in the State Employment (SEPE) offices fell by 74,381 in November (-2.3%), the best figure since records began in 1996. Furthermore, the unemployment datas shows a record of nine consecutive months of decreases, totalling a reduction of 826,102 unemployed people in that period.

With the decrease in November, the total number of unemployed stands at 3,182,687, its lowest figure in the month of November since 2008 and lower - by 63,360 - compared to February 2020, just before the Covid pandemic was declared.

The unemployment figure for November, as in previous months, does not include workers whose employment has been suspended or on reduced hours as a result of the ERTE furlough scheme, since the definition of registered unemployment does not count them as without a job.