These are the four cheapest fuel station chains in Spain, according to leading consumer association
Fuel prices

These are the four cheapest fuel station chains in Spain, according to leading consumer association

Using these companies can save you more than 13% on the cost of your filling up your tank, although there can be significant price differences by province

Ester Requena


Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 14:56

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At which fuel station chains is it cheapest to fill up the tanks of our vehicles in Spain? The national Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) wanted to answer this question and carried out a study on family solvency which warns that up to 54% of Spaniards have serious difficulties in meeting car expenses, including petrol and diesel.

Not surprisingly, the savings are considerable, according to OCU data. Up to 13% in fuel and up to 25% in electricity if you need to charge an electric vehicle.

The OCU study, which compiled the prices of more than 10,000 service stations, pointed to BonÀrea as the cheapest chain for diesel and 95 petrol, with supermarkets and service stations in Catalonia and neighbouring areas. It was followed by the low-cost automated chains Gas Express, Plenoil and GM Oil (linked to GM cash).

Petroprix and E. Leclerc also stand out for their low prices, especially for 95 petrol. Compared to the most expensive petrol station chains, the saving is around 0.18 euros per litre, or around 9 euros for a 50-litre refuelling.

Which are the most expensive service stations? Cepsa, BP, Repsol, Petronor and Campsa, both for diesel and petrol, according to the OCU.

These are the fuel stations in Malaga province with the lowest prices today

The study also revealed significant price differences by province based on the percentage of cheap service stations. Lérida, Cordoba, Murcia and Almería lead the ranking. The most expensive provinces are the Balearic Islands, Asturias and Guipúzcoa, with petrol stations 5% more expensive on average.

Electric vehicles

If you need to charge the battery of an electric vehicles, the OCU warns that the price differences between the fuel filling stations are even greater and points out that the best option is always to charge the car at home: the price of charging 50 kWh with the domestic network during off-peak hours is around 5 euros, compared to the more than 20 euros that it would cost, on average, at a service station.

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