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Supermarket face cream for under five euros is a favourite with Spanish consumer association

Supermarket face cream for under five euros is a favourite with Spanish consumer association

An OCU study aimed to analyse the "moisturising efficacy" and "cosmetic properties" of skincare products from luxury brands to supermarkets' own makes

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Friday, 28 June 2024, 14:19

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The checking of products on sale in our supermarkets carried out by different researchers is widely known, and on this occasion it was Mercadona's turn to be featured. It is equally well known that the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) in Spain regularly analyses both food and cosmetic products in order to provide consumers with as much information as possible about their purchases. In addition, OCU's findings can provide consumers with the possibility of finding out more details about products that are purchased on a massive scale, especially in supermarkets. In one of its most recent studies, OCU analysed face creams and included a top-selling product from Mercadona.

This OCU study has been carried out by, as their spokesperson explains, "analysing 16 moisturising day creams for normal and combination skin sold in different types of stores: supermarkets, pharmacies, herbalists and perfumeries." These creams include all kinds, from the luxury brands to low-cost, own brands as is the case with Mercadona's moisturising face cream.

The aim of the study was to examine "the moisturising efficacy of each product", as well as the "cosmetic properties of each one of them", measured via the opinions of the consumers themselves: if the creams are well absorbed, if they leave a shine on the skin, if the scent is pleasant... and so on.

With all these elements on the table, OCU has picked out two creams as its favourites: one from Nivea and Mercadona's own 'Deliplus' Hydrate 24 Hour Cream. The latter, which is already well-known and costs less than five euros, has achieved top spot because it "offers excellent results in moisturising tests and is comprehensively labelled".

This Mercadona cream was designed in the Rofersam laboratories, as they themselves state, to moisturise the skin in a lasting way, thus combatting the signs of ageing. It has two, star ingredients. First is the new-generation hyaluronic acid (now with more skin-firming properties), which helps to give elasticity, smoothness and shine to the skin, thus improving the overall appearance. Second is the root extract (tuber) of cogongrass (imperata cylindrica), which helps to draw in and retain more moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated.

In conclusion, this face cream, formulated with quality ingredients, promises hydrated and rejuvenated skin for everyone who uses it, according to OCU's analysis. Users positively value its moisturising abilities and ease of application. The OCU rating reinforces its reputation as a low-cost, yet effective choice for daily facial skincare.

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