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Energy giant Iberdrola reaches 7,000 electric vehicle charging points in Spain

Energy giant Iberdrola reaches 7,000 electric vehicle charging points in Spain

So far this year, the Spanish company has added around one thousand chargers, accelerating its sustainable mobility strategy



Saturday, 1 June 2024, 22:06

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Iberdrola has commissioned 1,000 recharging points so far in 2024, bringing its total to 7,000. In doing so, it reinforces its leading position as the most extensive public recharging network in Spain, according to the company. In addition to the pre-existing infrastructure, there are nearly 2,000 more points under construction and more than 3,000 more awaiting various administrative sign-offs, which will be available in the coming months.

These figures show "the company's commitment to promoting sustainable mobility as a way to combat climate change and achieve more sustainable spaces", the corporation claims. Of the 7,000 charging points, 2,000 are fast, super-fast and ultra-fast. The points of more than 50 kilowatts (kw) are part of the network operated by the alliance between Iberdrola and BP Pulse.

Iberdrola's development of electric mobility also extends to the private sector in companies and residential customers, reaching more than 50,000 charging points in conjunction with the public grid.

Iberdrola's charging infrastructure is developed in all types of locations and offers all charging speeds, depending on the needs of the user. From charging in a longer parking space to ultra-fast charging, between five and ten minutes.

All the points installed by Iberdrola have 100% green energy, from renewable sources with guaranteed origin, promoting totally emission-free mobility that contributes to decarbonisation and improves air quality. The electric motor is the only technology based on renewable energies that is also efficient, silent and enables zero emissions to be achieved.

Sustainable mobility

The mobility plan, launched by the company in 2016, was a pioneering one in its implementation. Today, its strategy envisages the installation of more than 100,000 charging points by 2025, including public charging points, residential, companies and car parks.

To this end, public infrastructure design is being developed on highways and corridors as well as in cities and small towns with the aim of having at least one fast charging station every 50 kilometres or less.

The high power charging points will be developed and operated by Iberdrola and BP Pulse, a strategic alliance between the two companies to lead the deployment of fast and ultra-fast public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Spain and Portugal.

All these charging points are available on Iberdrola's public charging application, the most highly rated in the sector, where you can view and geolocate verified information on all chargers, check their operation in real time and reserve and pay from your mobile phone.

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