Driving round the bend

Some people behind the wheel lose all ability of rational thought


How is it that some people, when they get behind the wheel of a car, lose the ability of all rational thought? I won't get started on roundabouts - many of your readers might know exactly what I mean - but just straightforward, uncomplicated motorway driving? On most of my trips into Malaga from a far flung village out in the boondocks, I have had to contend with asinine drivers who literally think they are the Kings of the Road. I do heed the speed limit but am not pedantic. For example, a large stretch of the journey is restricted to 80 km/h so when you get behind someone doing 78 km/h it's natural to speed up and leave them in your rear view mirror. Especially when you come to the warning of a speed check and they slow to 70. But then you get the ones that come up behind you fast, overtake and then sit there, just sit by your left shoulder keeping pace with you, so that when you come up to a slower vehicle you have to brake and wait to be able to pull out and overtake. This morning I came upon an accident, with Guardia Civil and flashing lights, and the idiot in the fast lane, who had been sitting there for an eternity, slowed down to gawp, making it impossible for me to pull out around the Guardía Civil car and causing others to brake hard.