Posters with advice are being installed in areas where wild boar are a problem SUR
What you can to do to help prevent wild boar invading your Costa del Sol community

What you can to do to help prevent wild boar invading your Costa del Sol community

The Health department in Marbella is taking action as more of the wild animals enter urban areas in search of food

Joaquina Dueñas


Friday, 14 July 2023, 10:19


Wild boar are wreaking havoc in many towns along the Costa del Sol prompting some authorities to take action.

The wild animals are increasingly entering urban areas, posing a risk to pedestrians, pets and vehicles. Just this week a reader snapped a photo of a wild boar rummaging through bags of food piled up next to a street rubbish bin in Nueva Andalucía. He told SUR there had been three of them searching for food.

Rummaging through rubbish bins in Nueva Andalucía.
Rummaging through rubbish bins in Nueva Andalucía. James Boyle

The steady stream of incidents has sparked the Health department in Marbella to carry out a campaign targeting residents in these coastal urban spots.

Authorities have installed signage in areas such as Bello Horizonte, Xarblanca and Nagüeles, as well as in areas of where there are large masses of water, such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

They have also issued a list of recommendations to help minimise the wild boar problem.

1. Do not feed animals

Although they may seem familiar, the boars are wild animals with unpredictable behaviour, especially in cases where they are accompanied by their young.

2. Dispose of rubbish in the containers

For wild boar, rubbish left on the ground is a source of food, so it is essential to throw rubbish in closed bags and inside containers.

3. Keep your distance and alert authorities

The director general of Health, Lisandro Vieytes, said the animals can be dangerous and pointed out that "in the event of encountering one, it is recommended not to disturb them, always keep a safe distance and notify the Local Police".

4. Do not tamper with the cages

The Health department installs cages to capture wild boars in the areas where they are sighted, so residents are asked not to handle or move them.

5. Perimeter fences

In the case of housing estates, communities of owners or golf courses, it is recommended that additional containment measures be adopted, such as the installation of perimeter fences to prevent the entry of these animals into communal areas or open-air spaces.

There have been many cases of wild boar roaming the streets of Marbella, but the problem is not exclusive to the coastal town, Vieytes added.

"These cases have increased in recent years due to certain factors, such as the increase in urbanised areas and the great availability of refuge and food that the wild boar finds in these areas," she said.

"We have implemented several measures to reduce the population of these animals," Vieytes added, who said that capture cages have been placed "discreetly and in strategic locations".

"It is an effective measure but it takes time, as it takes several days for the animals to get used to and familiarise themselves with the environment so that they can finally access the device in search of food and be trapped," she said.

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