Ten recommended campsites ideal for summertime around Malaga province

Ten recommended campsites ideal for summertime around Malaga province

From taking your own tent to a quiet site tucked away in the wilds to sophisticated lodgings beneath the stars - there's something here to suit all tastes

Javier Almellones


Monday, 1 July 2024, 16:54

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Although campsites are not just for a certain season, it is true that summer is when there is more demand for this type of accommodation. There are those who seek them next to the beach, others prefer rivers or wetlands, but there are also those who are looking for options that move away from the classic concept of tented life and seek comfort above all else. This is what is known today as glamping, with comfortable, proper beds and, in some cases, views of the sky. These are some of the options for this summer around Malaga province.

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    Nomading Camp

Not your typical tent, but a plastic 'bubble', with a privileged view of the stars in the middle of summer. This is part of the experience offered by this concept of glamping next to the road that links Ronda with Campillos (A-367). Relatively close to the gorge of Arroyo de la Ventilla, in a dense olive grove, you will find this rather unique accommodation in contact with nature. Normading Camp is a tourism company with similar sites in Madrid, Andorra, Alicante and Navarra. However, the price of each bubble, which has plenty of room inside and stands on a generous plot of land to keep detached from others, is around 250 euros per night during the summer season.


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    La Bella Vista

Next to La Duquesa beach, a stone's throw from the castle and the port of the marina of the same name. With this privileged location, this campsite is one of the best options right on the Costa del Sol. In addition to its location, it has many services that make your stay more pleasant, such as its own restaurant and beach bar, an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground and even a shower for dogs. They offer options for different types of clients: from areas to pitch your own tent to parking up your motorhome.


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    Jimera de Líbar

    Villa Sandía

These are not your typical tents. Firstly, they are painted to look like giant 'watermelons' (hence the campsite's name of 'sandía') and 'cucumbers', but they used to be the concrete vats used for storing wine. Currently it is one of the most sought-after lodgings in Andalucía inland from the coast, and the site is especially popular with children. It borders on glamping for the comforts provided, including the giant mushrooms as washrooms. In total, there are eight two-person watermelons and 12 three-person cucumbers. Besides being a very original campsite, it has a great location very close to the river Guadiaro, in the municipality of Jimera de Líbar, near Ronda.


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    Almayate Costa

    Almayate beach

With its own swimming pool and wooden footpath leading directly to the Mediterranean. Between Torre del Mar and Valle Niza, this campsite is located right next to the beach, not to be confused with the naturist campsite of Almanat, also located in the same area. Playa Almayate offers the possibility to stay in mobile homes (for four or six people) as well as pitches for tents etc of all sizes (from small to extra large plots). From there you can do excursions to coastal towns such as Chilches, Valle Niza, Torre del Mar, La Caleta de Vélez or Benajarafe, among others.


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    Sierra de las Nieves

Very close to the town centre of Yunquera, in a quiet area, is the Sierra de las Nieves campsite, which has sports and nature facilities for the enjoyment of young and old alike, just a few metres from the campsite. This establishment also has a swimming pool and restaurant. As well as opting for tents, it is possible to rent bungalows, cabins or even beds in a hostel. It is excellent accommodation as a base camp to enjoy Yunquera and other nearby villages such as Alozaina or El Burgo. In the latter there are the Turón pools, while in Yunquera the Verde riverbed is another attraction worth visiting.


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    Darjas Yurtas El Morisco

Yurt life: this is another glamorous option that's a far cry from conventional camping. In fact, it's almost like a hotel but, instead of rooms, there are luxurious, Mongolian-inspired tents, better known as yurts. Inland at Benajarafe, not far from the motorway, awaits in one such resort that has set up in the province. In this case, it is more of a place that invites you to relax while connecting with nature. However, it is not near the beach. As the crow flies, in 1.5 kilometres you can reach the sea (more or less near Playa Malaya beach bar).


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The natural monument of the Artola sand dunes and Cabopino marina are two of the places of interest close to this complex, where it is possible to pitch your own tent or stay in comfortable bungalows. In addition to its location, this well-known Marbella campsite is known for its repertoire of on-site services such as entertainment for the little ones and an adrenaline-fuelled, multi-adventure area.


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    San Juan

This is one of the most sought-after campsites for those who want to enjoy freshwater bathing in the Serranía de Ronda. Being located next to the Genal river, on San Juan bridge, from there you only have to take a few steps to get close to one of the most spectacular river-bathing pools in Andalucía, the Charco Redondo (the Round Pool). In recent years these freshwater pools have acquired another nearby attraction: a suspended footpath running alongside the Genal. The Pasarelas del Genal are an original way to get closer to this river. The campsite has both pitches for tents and bungalows. This complex also has the San Juan inn where you can enjoy grilled meats among other local specialities.


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If the San Juan campsite is attractive, no less so is the campsite that bears the name of the Genal too, on the other side of the San Juan bridge, in the municipality of Algatocín. Its location also makes it ideal for enjoying the pools and the footpath of the footbridges of the river Genal. In addition to plots for tents and bungalows, they also have space for caravans. Like the previous one, they too have a restaurant.


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    Parque Tropical

Just a stone's throw from the beaches of Guadalmina and Arroyo de las Cañas, to the east of the municipality of Estepona, this campsite called Tropical Park has twenty bungalows with private terrace and parking and more than seventy plots on different levels and sizes with electrical socket suitable for caravans, motorhomes or tents, as well as important services for short or longer stays, such as its own swimming pool, a bar, a shop and a children's play area. The family-oriented adventure park, Selwo Aventura (approximately one kilometre to the north), is very close by.


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