A view of the pool that last opened in 2021.
Future of old municipal swimming pool in Ronda is up in the air

Future of old municipal swimming pool in Ronda is up in the air

The inland Malaga province mountain town has a new outdoor pool and the town hall has no plans to re-open the old facilities to the public

Vanessa Melgar

Friday, 21 June 2024, 16:42

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The future of the old municipal swimming pool in the popular neighbourhood of Padre Jesús in Ronda is up in the air. According to municipal sources, the town hall is not considering opening it to the public during the bathing season due to the "structural problems" with the facilities. There have been several unsuccessful attempts to remedy those issues in the last few years of the complex's life, but the work undertaken has not solved the ongoing problem.

As such, this pool opened for the last time in the summer of 2021 and has not opened its doors again at all. Since 2022 Ronda has had a new pool, the Manolo López municipal swimming pool was inaugurated in that same year. It is located near to the southern entry point to the town, opposite the Lidl supermarket in the Cruz de San Jorge district. The pool complex has two pools, one for children and one for adults, as well as recreation and children's play areas, among other facilities.

Ronda council considered fixing up the Padre Jesús swimming pool and operate it together with the new pool, which is named after Manolo López, a councillor who died and who, before his time serving in the council, for many years had been in charge of another municipal swimming pool just off Avenida de Malaga. This too was demolished years ago due to structural problems. On that land a recreation area is currently being created and it is also planned to make room for some commercial activity.

Expensive repairs

The town hall has pointed out that repairing the Padre Jesús swimming pool, which overlooks part of the historic centre of Ronda, would be very expensive and that it would be more practical to build a new one, so this option has been ruled out. However, the council has not yet specified what it intends to do with these facilities, whether to demolish them or not.

It is worth noting that, adjacent to this land on which the Padre Jesús pool is located, there are plans to create a visitor reception centre, which would be linked to the alternative road leading to the Puente Nuevo (the historic upper bridge that links both halves of Ronda). It is expected that the new centre's location and the connecting road will relieve the traffic that currently passes over this iconic monument. This project has already been approved under the town's General Urban Development Plan. However, this initiative has been rejected by a residents' protest group, above all because of the environmental impact this new infrastructure would have on the local area.

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