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Ronda plans to restart work on its new bus station within weeks
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Ronda plans to restart work on its new bus station within weeks

The remaining work, which has been paralysed for over two years with a series of issues, will be completed with an investment of 1.5 million euros from the town hall

Vanessa Melgar


Friday, 28 June 2024, 12:30

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Ronda council plans to restart work on the new bus station in the town within the next two weeks. Building work has been paralysed for more than two years due to financial problems for one of the two companies that were awarded the contract. As both companies had formed a temporary 'merger' for the build (known in Spain as temporary union of companies - UTE), the money problems in the one company became a problem for the whole project. The stoppage continued because of a complaint filed by PSOE, the party in opposition at the town hall, who requested an investigation into whether such a facility could be built on the land in question. In the end, the court in charge decided to shelve that case, although PSOE has lodged an appeal.

Still, this left at a complete standstill what was the star project of María de la Paz Fernández, Ronda's mayor (and council leader during her last term of office). The bus station is only half-built. At that time, the council had resorted to an administrative concession whereby the construction companies awarded the contract would be in charge of the building work and would then operate the facilities for 25 years (the first two years being reserved for the build). Now, the municipal authorities are taking on the completion of the bus station with their own funds - around 1.5 million euros. The company in charge of completing the work will be Miguel Pérez Luque S.A.U.

It should be noted that the initiative to build a new bus station in Ronda is shared by the political parties sitting on the council, but not its location. PSOE has already expressed its rejection of the site in El Fuerte district, and so have other parties. It claims that the area is already overcrowded by other facilities.

The council has also built a pedestrian walkway in the area that crosses the main railway line that runs through Ronda. It is an overpass connecting the future bus station with Avenida Victoria. This footbridge has been financed with around one million euros from Malaga's provincial authority (Diputación) and, although it is practically finished, it has not yet been opened to the public.

Spain's state railway infrastructure company Adif, through an agreement with Ronda town hall, will close the level crossing with barriers that currently exists as it is no longer needed with the new overpass. Adif will also remodel the area and widen the bridge giving access to all the centres of education located nearby and Calle Dolores Ibárruri.

The town hall argues that it is all part of transforming this part of Ronda, where the main library was also built and a disused building was converted into a meet-up area for young people.

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