Ana Rueda Reyes, at her home in Fuengirola. Ñito Salas
This is the Costa del Sol schoolgirl who scored top marks in university entrance exam

This is the Costa del Sol schoolgirl who scored top marks in university entrance exam

Ana Rueda Reyes has obtained the highest possible grade, a 14. She has completed all the educational stages at the San Francisco de Asís school in Mijas Costa

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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Ana Rueda Reyes, a young girl from Fuengirola, has obtained the highest mark in the university entrance exams in Malaga province, 14 out of 14. She has worked hard in both years of high school to get the best marks because since the end of secondary school she had a clear objective: to study medicine. She will do so at the University of Malaga, after having spent her entire education at the San Francisco de Asís school in Mijas Costa. "I entered when I was one-year-old, so the farewell was very emotional, with tears and hugs, but knowing that we will meet again in this new stage of our lives", she said.

Ana told SUR she jumped for joy and cried with emotion when the vice-rector for students, Juan Carlos Rubio, relayed the news last week. "He spoke to my mother, and when she told me, I couldn't believe it. We jumped up and down and cried with joy, very excited because we couldn't believe what the vice-chancellor told her. I did a good exam, but you always have the doubt of having made a mistake. Being the best among all the pupils in the selection process is something very exciting," she said, early on Thursday morning, a few minutes after the students received their marks on their mobile phones from the UMA's Access Service. In the evening, Ana went out to celebrate the good news with her parents, Francisco José and Ana María, and a cousin, "who is like a brother".

Of last week's exams, she says that they were "quite reasonable compared to previous years". An idea that is confirmed by the statistics of this PEvBAU: 97.6% of the students passed, with an average mark of 7.15 in the exam.

Vocation of public service

As early as the fourth year of secondary school, she was already considering a public servce profession. And among the possible ones, medicine was the one that most closely matched the young girl's interest. She knew from then on that it would not be an easy path: Medicine is year after year among the degrees that require a higher entrance grade (13.09 was the grade of the last student who was able to enrol this year at the UMA). "I had to put in a lot of effort, because you have to be disciplined, study every day, and do everything I could to get the highest mark," she says.

Along the way, she has had the support of her parents, teachers and classmates, who have helped her to resolve doubts, provide her with notes or explain some questions that she was not very clear about. She admits that she has gone through moments of being"overwhelmed" and that even keeping up with all the subjects "is an effort and a sacrifice".

Ana has some relatives in the medical profession, but not her parents, although they both studied psychology. Her uncle is the oncologist Antonio Rueda from Malaga. Her cousin, with the same name, is also an oncologist, and a cousin on her mother's side is in the fifth year of medical school. She attributes her passion for this profession to them. Her father is a civil servant at the provincial council and her mother has a flower shop in Fuengirola. Ana is an only child.

Ana now has a few weeks of rest and relaxation ahead of her after all the hard work. She is already taking classes for her driving licence. However she will travel to the university by public transport, or by car with colleagues, as she plans to continue living in Fuengirola.

Listening to music, cinema and, above all, dancing are her favourite hobbies. She has been practising flamenco and Spanish dance since she was a child, but this last year she had to take a break. She also stayed at home when her parents went on a trip to the north. "These are small sacrifices you have to make to achieve your goals," she said.

Other interests include reading and music. She says she has very heterogeneous tastes, from Alejandro Sanz and Niña Pastoria to U2 or Queen.

Family holidays and a trip to Conil with her friends are her next projects before she realises her dream of becoming a medical student at the University of Malaga in September.

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