Items recovered by the police. / sur

'Cap thief' arrested after robbing thirty businesses in Fuengirola

National Police officers have carried out an operation in which 250kg of hashish was also seized


He was known as the ‘cap thief’, because he committed his crimes hidden behind the visor of a baseball cap. However, police have identified him and managed to solve thirty robberies committed in Fuengirola.

The arrest is the result of an operation that began last October, named Operation Arrog, after break-ins multiplied along the seafront and in the centre of the Costa del Sol town. The situation caused great alarm among traders in the area, sources told SUR.

The thief used the same method every time. He would shake the security shutters with force until the side fastenings came loose.

Once inside, he never took more than a minute to take what he wanted before escaping on a high-powered electric scooter. The man wore a cap and face mask to hide his face from security cameras.

The suspect was arrested on Thursday 31 March. Among his possessions the police found close to 100 grammes of hashish. Officers also arrested the man’s brother, who was with him at the time, since there was an international warrant out for his arrest for drug trafficking.

Following these arrests, specialist officers from the violent crimes unit (UDEV) from the Fuengirola police force carried out a search of the brothers' home. This led to the arrest of another four members of the same family and the seizure of 250kg of hashish.

In addition, the police found some of the caps and clothing used by the thief during the robberies as well as some of the stolen items, including computers and televisions.

The 'cap thief' is accused of 29 robberies - 23 completed and the rest attempted - in hospitality and commercial businesses. After appearing before the court, the brothers were remanded in custody.