The National Police station in Fuengirola. / sur

Off-duty policeman detains a wanted man in a Fuengirola shopping centre

The officer requested assistance from the security guards and called the police station for reinforcements

SUR Malaga

An off-duty policeman was walking through a shopping centre in Fuengirola with his family recently when he recognised a Lithuanian man who is wanted by the authorities in his own country and for whom a European arrest order is in force.

The officer, who is from the National Police force and works with the International Relations group of the police headquarters in Malaga, notified the shopping centre’s security guards and asked for their assistance. He also contacted the police to request reinforcements.

This was on 14 May. After his arrest, the man was taken to Fuengirola police station, where his passport was checked. The checks showed that it had been forged, as the digital information recorded on it did not match the photograph.

After ascertaining that the international arrest order for drug trafficking was still in force, the police arrested the Lithuanian in accordance with the order, and also for falsifying a document.