The incident occurred on the seafront on Sunday morning. / sur

Drunk driver arrested in Fuengirola after crashing into other vehicles during police chase

The accident occurred early on Sunday morning, when quite a few people were walking on the seafront or sitting on café terraces and the scene was captured on video


A man who had been drinking was the cause of a terrifying accident in Fuengirola early on Sunday morning, when his vehicle collided with several others as he was being chased by police.

The incident occurred around 9am, when a Local Police patrol saw a red Audi driving extremely fast along the seafront although the speed limit in that area is 30 kph. The police officers signalled to him to stop, but he ignored them and they set off in pursuit. However, the chase didn’t last long. After only a few seconds the man lost control of his vehicle near Calle Jaén and crashed into two cars, a motorbike, an electrical installation and a palm tree.

Despite quite a few people walking on the seafront and sitting on the café terraces at the time, nobody was injured although an ambulance was called to assist a woman who suffered an anxiety attack as a result of the incident.

The police officers breathalysed the driver, and the result showed that he was well above the permitted alcohol limit. They then arrested him for two road safety offences.