The man was arrested by officers from Mijas Local Police force. / sur

British man, 48, arrested for alleged child abduction in Mijas Costa

His reckless driving aroused the suspicions of an undercover police patrol, who set off in pursuit and found that he was also driving under the influence of alcohol


A 48-year-old British man has been arrested in Mijas after contravening a court order to stay away from his ex-partner, stealing her car and taking their daughters with him without her consent.

The incident occurred on Sunday 1 May at around 8.30pm, when plain-clothes officers from the Mijas Local Police force were driving down the A-7 near Los Jarales campsite in Calahonda and a vehicle came up very close behind them, driving extremely fast and flashing its headlights to make them move out of its way. To avoid a collision, the police moved over and, once the other vehicle had passed, put their blue identifying lights on and set off in pursuit.

They requested assistance to stop the suspect, and another police vehicle intercepted him as he took one of the exits off the dual carriageway. He was showing clear signs of having consumed alcohol, so the officers breathalysed him and the result was positive.

When they checked his details, the police found that he had been arrested on four previous occasions and was subject to a court order to stay away from his former partner after being found guilty of domestic violence.

The officers ascertained that he gone to Los Jarales campsite and found that his former partner was there. She told the police that an argument had ensued and he had then grabbed the keys to her car and taken their daughters with him, without her consent.

He was arrested for contravening a court order, abduction of minors and driving under the influence of alcohol, and was remanded in custody pending a court appearance.