Archive image of a taxi at one of the ranks in Marbella. SUR
Taxi stolen in Marbella turns up two hours later in a Spanish town near the Gibraltar border

Taxi stolen in Marbella turns up two hours later in a Spanish town near the Gibraltar border

The thief took advantage of an oversight by the driver, who got out of his vehicle to buy a soft drink

Irene Quirante


Friday, 28 June 2024, 16:01

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A Marbella taxi driver had a nasty shock this week when his vehicle was stolen after he left it parked at the rank at the Las Albarizas health centre. The car, however, was located two hours later in La Línea (Cadiz province).

According to the president of Taxisol Marbella, Víctor Vázquez, the driver got out of the car to go and buy a soft drink and took the keys for the car with him, although he had left the engine running to keep the air conditioning on.

"He got out to buy a Coca-Cola and the thief, who was watching, saw that he had left the vehicle running and drove it away in a hurry," Vázquez explained to SUR.

The Taxisol headquarters tried to locate the whereabouts of the car using their geolocation system, but the taxi driver had switched the radio off, so it was not possible. However, the car was located two hours later in La Línea, as the owner found out after receiving a call from the Guardia Civil. Luckily, the driver was able to pick up the vehicle the following morning.


This is the second incident involving a taxi driver in Marbella in recent days. In the early hours of Sunday morning, as SUR reported, another driver was stabbed after picking up two passengers, who fled with his mobile phone. Both were apprehended and have been remanded in custody.

According to the version of events the victim gave to SUR, the assailant tried to stab him in the chest, but he prevented him, although he received serious injuries to his left hand, for which he received around thirty stitches after being operated on that same night.

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