Tourists cool down in a fountain in Malaga city. / francis silva

The local terral wind returns for the first weekend of the Malaga Fair

Meteorologists are forecasting temperatures of around 36C from Saturday to Monday, but it will not be as humid and the sea water will be cooler


The terral wind is going to the Malaga Fair, at least for the first weekend of the festivities, which means it is almost certain there will be a change in the weather after the shift from easterly to westerly winds, probably between Saturday and Sunday.

Spain's Aemet national weather agency says temperatures will reach 36C at points on the western side of the city (which is where the fairground is), so it will be hot but not extremely so. This will be an increase of about 5C compared with previous days.

In exchange for a bit more heat, the terral will bring several positive consequences. First, a drastic drop in relative humidity with the end of the levante wind, so people outdoors will feel more comfortable.

The calima, which is airborne dust from the Sahara desert and will be with us all this week, will also disappear and, very importantly, the temperature of the sea water will also drop considerably thanks to the westerly poniente wind which will move water from the lower depths to the surface. This will also make the air feel cooler, especially at night.

Wind direction

José Luis Escudero, a local weather expert, is monitoring the situation and he says one important factor is the temperature at 850 hpa (1,500 metres) between Saturday and Tuesday.

“The higher the temperature, the stronger the terral will be,” he says, and it also depends whether the terral is ‘pure’ north-westerly or landward north-westerly. “If it is the latter, it will remain in the Teatinos district,” he says.

Friday night, at the time the firework display takes place at midnight, there will be an easterly wind so skies should be quite clear and the temperature around 27C in the city. The rest of today (Wednesday) and Thursday will be similar.