Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera (right), in the recording at the Cofradía de la Paloma. Video: Migue Fernández

MasterChef films in Malaga for Semana Santa special

TVE's popular cooking show is dedicating a whole episode to Holy Week in the city

Francisco Griñán


Friday, 22 March 2024, 11:22


Popular culinary television shows MasterChef is in Malaga city filming an episode dedicated solely to Holy Week. Aspiring contestants were filmed under the thrones of the brotherhoods of La Paloma and Estudiantes on Wednesday 20 March.

SUR can confirm, this episode of the new season of the cooking talent-show will be broadcast on Spanish television in June on TVE's La 1. The large doors of the Casa Hermandad in the Plaza de San Francisco were wide open on Wednesday morning attracting the attention of passers by as camera crews filmed cooking contestants.

The three presenters and judges Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera could also be seen. In front of the judges of the Televisión Española programme, the two dishes each of the teams had to cook (team red and team blue) could be seen covered.

Enclosed area

The big moment of filming took place at about noon when TV crews moved to Calle Alcazabilla, closing the street off to pedestrians.

With pop-up kitchens set up outside the doors of the Cofradía de Estudiantes, remaining contestants took part in a team test in which they had to prepare a menu. Up to seven cameras filmed at the same time as the red team cooked, followed by the blue team's contestants.

Although it is not official, it is expected production company Shine Iberia and Televisión Española will premiere the next series of MasterChef in April. However, the episode filmed in Malaga city will probably not be broadcast until the final part of the series, just before summer. The return of MasterChef to Malaga comes less than a year after its previous visit, after an episode of the celebrity version of the cooking show was filmed in La Pérgola del Mediterráneo, the restaurant recently opened by Antonio Banderas.

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