Image of the interior of the Egyptian Museum of Melilla, of the Gaselec Foundation.
Egyptian Museum looks for a site in Malaga

Egyptian Museum looks for a site in Malaga

The MEM closes its doors in Melilla and announces its intention to move its private collection, one of the largest in Spain on Ancient Egypt, to the Costa del Sol

Regina Sotorrío

Friday, 28 June 2024, 14:47

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The Egyptian Museum of Melilla (MEM) is looking for a home in Malaga. The space run by the Gaselec Foundation, with one of the most extensive collections in Spain on Ancient Egypt, is closing its doors definitively and announces its intention to move to the Costa del Sol.

"Although there is no exact opening date, we are working to ensure that this move is carried out in the best possible way so that we can continue with the mission of spreading and preserving the wealth of Egyptian heritage," explained its director, Gustavo Cabanillas, in a letter published on their website.

The MEM justifies this measure in "the difficulties in finding financial and labour resources", and trusts that the change of location will boost visitor numbers, in a city where tourism fills the museums on a daily basis. It will be renamed MEMA (Egyptian Museum of Malaga) and will display some of the 1,500 pieces from this private collection, the result of 25 years of collecting. In Melilla, around 300 archaeological objects have been exhibited across three floors since 2021.

For the moment, with the public closure in Melilla still very recent, the move to Malaga is at a very early stage. Contacts have already been established with various Malaga institutions, but the biggest challenge remains to find a centre large enough to house these works.

According to their website, the MEM is the second space dedicated exclusively to the art of the pharaohs in Spain, along with the Egyptian Museum of the Clos Archaeological Foundation in Barcelona. Only this and the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid surpass it in terms of number of artefacts.

The Gaselec Foundation, owner of the collection, is a private non-profit cultural institution created in 2004 in Melilla "in response to the need to increase the number of cultural spaces, strengthen the development of culture, promote scientific research, the protection of fauna, flora and the environment".

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