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Malaga Airport VIP lounge set for major upgrade after big contract awarded
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Malaga Airport VIP lounge set for major upgrade after big contract awarded

The main aim is to increase the capacity to 400 passengers, after its popularity has taken off

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 3 July 2024, 15:06

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Spain's national airport operator (Aena) has awarded a 361,000-euro-contract to improve the design and seating capacity of Malaga Airport's VIP lounge.

Malaga-based company Ofiburo will take on the responsibility, with the main aim of the project being to increase the number of seats in this increasingly popular facility to 400. The current capacity is 384 passengers, excluding four armchairs in the recreational area, and 12 chairs in the meeting room. The idea is to reconfigure the lounge to suit the needs of most of those people who use it, who are solo passengers.

The reconfiguration of seats will be updated, as well as the design so seats are made of beech wood or similar, covered with foam and upholstered with Spradling Maglia quality.

Each set of chairs will include a common base with two double tables, with power strips, two power sockets and double USB (C and B-type) chargers. All the electric socket covers on the floor of the VIP lounge will also be checked and replaced or repaired.

The airport's VIP lounge was last updated in 2018, where a new space for rest and video games was created, as well as an extension of a food and beverage area.

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